Motorola to cut 50% of handset operation?


If even a year ago you had told me that in early 2009 Palm would be resurgent and Motorola would inching ever closer to the deadpool, I would have slapped you like a young Cary Grant and sent you to the looney bin. Well, make room for me too, because it seems like the whole world has gone looney tunes.

Our friends at Phone Scoop are reporting that Motorola’s handset division is expecting a large round of layoffs as soon as this week. While Moto’s set top box, networking equipment and enterprise device businesses will not be affected, up to 50% of the entire handset operation may be gone. Phone Scoop is also reporting that Motorola will not have a booth at CTIA in Vegas this April, and is looking to launch only a dozen handsets per year, all based on Google’s Android OS.

Sad times for a company that used to define cellphone cool with the RAZR, and had a decent BlackBerry competitor in the Moto Q. Here’s hoping that putting all their eggs in the Android basket will save the company.

|via PhoneScoop|