Your BlackBerry does not cause eye cancer


Lost in the flowing rush of mobile technology is the potential effects of all those electrons and radio waves on our bodies after extended use. I’m sure it’s something most BlackBerry users don’t think about while taking a call or writing an email, but it certainly deserves pause for consideration.

Thankfully, the January 13 online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has crossed one potential concern off the list. A study contained within the issue reports that mobile phone use is not associated with the risk of melanoma of the eye. Although there is no direct link between exposure to radio waves and DNA damage, which can lead to cancer, studies have examined the possibility of an association between mobile phone use and melanoma of the eye, also called uveal melanoma.

“In conclusion, we observed no overall increased risk of uveal melanoma among regular mobile phone users or users of radio sets in Germany, where digital mobile phone technology was introduced in the early 1990s,” the authors write.

Whew! Now if we could only get these doctors to find a cure for BlackBerry Thumb.

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