New BlackBerry Theme: Solar Slideshow (with rotating wallpapers!)

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BlackBerry themes are great because they allow you to both spice up your BlackBerry and add a personal touch. But unless you have a few themes to rotate through, staring at the same background each day can be just as boring. Bplay has introduced a new theme to cure your BlackBerry ennui: Solar Slideshow.

Solar Slideshow is a BlackBerry theme featuring 9 different background wallpapers for each planet in our solar system (we’ll give Pluto the benefit of the doubt). Each planet will stay in your background for 30 minutes before rotating to the next - consider it an intrastellar voyage for your BlackBerry!

To download Solar Slideshow for you BlackBerry, click the link below. Make sure to say hi to Major Tom for us.

Download Solar Slideshow BlackBerry Theme

  • Kyle
    When are we going to start seeing some Storm themes?
  • fixed now! Blame it on a bad copy and paste job.
  • keith
    Url not supported by handheld (curve 8320)
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