e-Mobile Today Professional BlackBerry Storm Edition (v.1.2) Reviewed!

Many of you may remember that I reviewed e-Mobile Today and e-Mobile Today Professional Edition roughly a month ago. Well, E-Mobile Software Inc. has come out with a special Storm Edition of their popular e-Mobile Today software, which comes in two versions: standard and professional. The features found in each version are more or less the same on other device versions, but I really liked the professional edition last time around so I decided to take a closer look at the same edition made specifically for the storm.

For those of you that may not know, e-Mobile Today (Standard and Professional) is designed to briefs users on all of their appointments, missed calls, emails and text messages in one convenient place, similar in look and feel to the Windows Mobile “Today” screen. What distinguishes the standard and professional versions of the software is functionality and, marginally, look (there are a few more background themes in the professional edition). Overall, the professional edition always goes that extra step, allowing you to create new contacts, reply to e-mails and SMS messages, and add or edit appointments or tasks right from the e-Mobile Today screen itself. The standard edition is more or less for viewing purposes - you can view your inboxes, appointments and so forth, but you can’t really launch into any functions like “compose” or “create new” from the main screen. Bummer. Oh well…

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7 Responses to “e-Mobile Today Professional BlackBerry Storm Edition (v.1.2) Reviewed!”

  1. 1 Edward

    I love the program, and agree with a lot of the comments. The support team is great. I made a few requests (such as to allow your touch to highlight options), hopefully they will do that. With my fat fingers and no indication of where I am clicking, I continually mis-click. I have issues with phantom email counts appearing on the screen. I thought I fixed that by separating the messages, but it didn’t work. I still had to do battery pulls to fix it.

    I agree that the pro edition should come with the extra plugins.

  2. 2 Possum Pete

    ***Newbie question here***

    Is there a way to have this software be the default opening screen after powering up instead of the menu? I’m sure if it’s the last application used it would stay on. Thanks!

  3. 3 Lou W

    Do they offer a trial? I cannot seem to find one. It is hard to justify spending $30 on something you cannot try out. This looks like something I really want but I want the ability to test it out.

  4. 4 G Squared

    do NOT purchase this
    I did and it’s awful, slows the whole Storm to a grinding halt

  5. 5 chris

    Do not buy this! The fonts are small and impossible to click on. The program will not let you increase the font. Last, you cannot click on the item (like email) and have the program take you to the email. Now I know why they do not offer a trial!

  6. 6 RobT

    Sorry guys, not going to try anything without a trial version - too many variables and opposing viewpoints. Even a 48hour trial would be fine.

  7. 7 Jonathan Brandon

    e-Mobile Today Professional lets you increase the font in the application settings menu. And you CAN click on an email from within the application - which then takes you to your inbox. I have the sneaking suspicion that you purchased the regular version of e-Mobile Today, though even with that application I’m pretty sure you can enter your inbox and make the font larger also. Either way: to make the font large, hit the menu button and select the larger font option. To get to your inbox or a specific email from within the app, scroll over an email and click on the menu button, which should present you with the option of going to your inbox, replying, composing a new email, etc.

    On an unrelated note, some of you have been complaining about this app diverting too much of the CPU away from other tasks. I’m not sure how consistently this is happening but mine was doing fine until this week, when everything apparently became sluggish (even after a few fresh reboots). I’ll try to talk to the guys over at e-Mobile Software to see what’s up.

    All the best,


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