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SFR and RIM Launch the BlackBerry Curve 8900 in France


Press Release

BlackBerry Curve 8900Paris, France and Waterloo, Canada – SFR and Research In Motion today announced that SFR will offer the new BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone. Customers will be able to purchase the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from the SFR online store starting January 31st 2009 and in SFR retail outlets in February 2009.

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet, and sports a sleek, refined design that is extremely comfortable in the hand. In addition, it has a dazzling high-resolution display (480 x 360) and a fast processor for snappy performance. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is supported on BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server and will be available from €99 including taxes in conjunction with SFR’s Illimythics service plans and €109 excluding taxes with SFR Business Team Pro service plans.

Users will also be able to benefit from the Business Mail Illimité service plan and SFR Find & Go navigation services:

Business Mail special offer from SFR – available from January 21st to March 24 2009:

    * Business Mail Illimité is available for €1/month for a 2-month period with the ‘Illimythics 3G+’ and ‘Pro’ service plans (then €4,90/month with the ‘Illimythics Pro 3 hours’ and ‘Illimythics Pro 4 hours’ service plans and €9 with ‘Illimythics 3G+’ service plan).
    * Business Mail Illimité is also still available for free with the ‘Illimythics Pro 5 hours and more’ service plans

SFR Find & Go special offer:

    * SFR Find & Go available at €1/month* for a 2-month period with the ‘Illimythics 3G+’ and ‘Pro’ service plans for 5€/month**

Business Mail and SFR Find & Go special offers are available from 21/01/09 to 24/03/09 for new subscribers of an Illimythics 3G+ or Pro service plan (on a 12 month minimum contract) with compatible mobile phones. More details are available at

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Free BlackBerry Video Applications – What Do You Use?


As more people get on Twitter and Facebook, we seem to have a fascination with sharing our every detail with the world around us.  Sure, pictures are good, but video is so much more fun (at least for those with big data plans).  For those of you who are interested in living your life in front of a camera and have OS 4.5, we have four streaming/sharing video applications for you to check out.  Do you use any of these?  Is there a free (or paid) BlackBerry video application that we left out?  Hit us up in the comments so we can try ‘em out.

Qik – a live streaming video application for BlackBerry devices that has integration with Twitter.  They are currently working on direct integration of Facebook.

ITookThisOnMyPhone – allows you to take pictures and videos and upload them automatically or manually to their server or to photo and video sites such as Flickr, Picasa and YouTube.  Then you can catch embed codes and post them to your favorite places.

Next2Friends -Next2Friends seems to be a blend of Qik and ITookThisOnMyPhone.  Here you can stream video and upload pictures automatically.  Next2Friends also allows you to get embed codes to place your videos on your Facebook profile, blog or other location.  Additionally, they add Ask where you take a picture, add a question and send it to a friend for their opinion. – this is a bit different as it is not quite an application but a place where you can email your videos, similar to the way Twitpic works with photos.  After sending the upload, you can have post your video automatically to Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. also has direct integration to TweetDeck to make it really easy to upload a video from your computer. Note: If you use Sprint, use your email address to send videos to


Star Contacts for Blackberry v.1.0 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


Contact managers can be handy for those who need a little more dirt on their contacts, only to add it to a swelling Address Book. That’s precisely what Star Contacts by Sparkle Solutions Inc. is for. It’s a comprehensive address and contact management software. It can hold thorough Home, Business and Personal Information of your contacts, and offers users a better – a faster and more receptive – search engine than that of the Address Book that comes standard with every BlackBerry device. Though I’m often a skeptic when it comes to contact managers – they’re always trumpeting the “nicer, better, faster” mantra – I decided to give this one a try and was, in some instances, pleasantly surprised.

Star Contacts for Blackberry v.1.0 for BlackBerry Review Quick Links


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Mondays suck. Like gravity and Godwin’s Law, it is an immutable force of nature. So with the help of our friends over at Slacker, we thought we’d try to make your Monday a little better by giving away free stuff.

BlackBerry Cool Power User Nan Palmero is a big fan of Slacker, the streaming radio application for BlackBerry and desktop (check out Nan’s Slacker impressions). Always the enterprising sort, Nan was able to convince the kind team at Slacker to give BlackBerry Cool 10 FREE ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTIONS for SLACKER’S ‘RADIO PLUS’ PREMIUM ACCOUNTS. Here’s how you can get one:

    – You have to be based in the U.S. (sorry, my fellow Canucks)
    – You must have a valid email address already configured with Slacker (i.e. the email address you signed up to slacker with). If you haven’t tried Slacker yet, download the free trial now!
    Post a comment on this post telling us about your favorite aspect of Slacker, what improvements you’d like to see, and when/where you listen to Slacker on your BlackBerry.
    – We’ll draw the 10 winners randomly at 2pm EST tomorrow, so make sure you post right away!

While you’re posting, make sure you write a thank you to everyone at Slacker and FortyThree PR. If we’re lucky, maybe we can get some more premium accounts from them.


Balsillie receives award amid allegations of financial impropriety


RIM CEO Jim BalsillieThe Globe and Mail was on hand last Thursday for an award luncheon in honor of RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie, who was named ‘Outstanding Business Leader of the Year’ by Wilfrid Laurier University. The event gained additional poignancy because it came on the same day news broke that Canadian regulators were seeking C$100 million from Co-CEO’s Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis for their role in a stock option accounting controversy dating back to 1996. While the luncheon crowd was clearly biased in their defense of Mr. Balsillie at the event (Joan Fisk, CEO of the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, referred to Balsillie as “our boy”), significant questions as to the political timing of the charges.

Last week, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said he will push ahead with the creation of a national securities regulator, after the release of the final report on the subject, conducted by a panel appointed by Mr. Flaherty and led by former Conservative cabinet minister Tom Hockin.

“I’m absolutely opposed to what the OSC has proposed here. I think it is grandstanding of the highest magnitude and opportunistic given the Hockin report has just come out and all of a sudden the OSC wants to be seen as a regulatory tiger that has teeth. It’s no coincidence whatsoever,” Mr. Foerster said.

“All they’ve done is found individuals with the greatest pockets,” he added. “If I were Balsillie or Lazaridis, I would fight this all the way given the OSC’s track record with respect to litigation.”

Some have argued however, that regardless of timing, the Canadian government is sending a clear and important message to the business community. Wrong is wrong, right?

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BeamReader now available for purchase!


BeamReader for BlackBerry

A few weeks ago we had reported BeamReader had left beta and was available in a finished state. BeamReader is a full fidelity native PDF viewing application for BlackBerry and drew ‘oohs and awes’ at the BlackBerry Cool 15 event. We’re delighted to tell you that BeamReader is now available in the BlackBerry Cool Store for $19.99! Click the link below corresponding to your OS and find out why the BlackBerry Partners Fund was willing to write these guys an oversized check.

BeamReader for BlackBerry

Download BeamReader for OS 4.7 (FREE TRIAL)
Download BeamReader for OS 4.6 (FREE TRIAL)
Download BeamReader for OS 4.5 (FREE TRIAL)