RIM now taking BlackBerry Application Store submissions

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Big news for those of you waiting for RIM’s answer to the iPhone application store. RIM has sent out a message to all registered BlackBerry developers that they are now accepting application submissions for the BlackBerry Application Storefront. Note that this doesn’t mean the Application Storefront is right around the corner, but that RIM is planning to launch it with a large mass of software.

Developers can hit the link below to learn about the submission process and sign up. As you’re submitting your applications for the BlackBerry Application Storefront, please post a comment and let us know how it stacks up to Apple’s notoriously painful process. Do you like the setup? How long does it take to get approved? Whatever you have to say, we want to know.

BlackBerry Application Storefront

  • mastagamer
    ?Sitio muy fresco, si solamente ten?a un sitio tan fresco!
  • Dan
    I hope someone tells MLB to make an MLB Gameday Audio app for the blackberry store like the one that just came out for the Apple appstore. Maybe someone from MLB or Blackberry will read this post and get the ball going. Please, all i want to do is listen to the Cubs on my storm!
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