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Ronen has posted about some interesting software, reQall, which is free for a limited time. The BlackBerry app is an organizational tool that helps with memory and idea management. Sound a little convoluted? Here are some features:

reQall for BlackBerry gives you a voice-to-text recorder, task/shopping list/idea manager, reminder service and memory aid, all in one. Turn your BlackBerry smartphone into a powerful productivity center that helps you remember all the important things in your life. Using your BlackBerry, go to to download the Beta version.

This app seems to really try and tap into the BlackBerry as a personal data mining center. From the product description, it seems to integrate as many organizational apps as possible in order to get your life sorted out and your ideas flowing.

I’m off to try the Beta. Let me know if you’ve tried this app yourself.

Learn more in the reQall for BlackBerry Quick Start Guide.

Go to on your BlackBerry to download the application. Note: reQall for BlackBerry is compatible with OS version 4.2.0 and higher, including the new Bold, Storm and Pearl 8220 devices.


  • Mark K.
    I installed reQall on my Storm 9530 (running OS .103) tonight. App would not start and displayed keyboard as if running in compatability mode enabled, no matter what I did. I could not change any of the other settings or get app to do anything. I have uninstalled until bugs are worked out. Thanks!
  • Moe
    Installed reQall on my Curve 8320 about a week ago. This app has been integrated into my busy schedule. I particularly like the voice recorder because I can quickly record a thought and move on. Later when I review my notes I'll add the note to my calendar or take care of it. Good app if you forget those little things or already have a hectic schedule. Bottom line...reQall has lowered my hassle index!
  • Doug
    this does not work for my AT&T 8310 and i have tried all the setting changes (Bes/Bis/Wap, etc)
  • Deb Miller
    I'm with the reQall team and noticed from the comments that reQall is working on the Storm for Matt, but not working for Keegen and Chris. We've had similar reports from other users that it works for some, but not all. We're continuing to work on the problem and expect we will resolve it shortly.
  • Matt
    It works great on the storm. I just wish it would sync with my calendar and put an icon on the screen when I have something due on that day. Also, repeating weekly/monthly reminders would be great.

    This could fill the hole left by the calendar app... its the only thing I miss about my Windows Mobile phone.
  • Keegen
    Installed it on my Storm 9530 running .75. Tried making a to do list using voice recording and text, neither worked. Did a battery pull and after it logged in the key board popped up and I couldn't get it to go away. Deleted it but will try again if they get it working better on the storm.
  • chris whitney
    I have tried it out and seems to be a pretty cool app. The voice recording to text works great! Hope it stays free.
  • Jerry
    Just downloaded the program to my BB Bold. Had no problem. Ran some tests using voice commands for things "To-Dos" today. Everything worked well. Will try other features later and will let you know how it went.

    Looking forwward to using it daily.
  • artie
    I tried it about a week ago and it was just too complicated to use. Easier and faster to to use Task.
  • Powerball Oregon
    I will try it right away!
  • Chris
    Tried the beta this morning. I have a Storm 9530 running .103. The idea looked really good but the record button went immediately to play and did not record anything. Upon trying to press the play button without anything recorded my handset reset itself. When I went back into the app after the reset it looked as if it was in compatibility mode. I disabled compatibility mode but the app still remained in that view. I checked the properties and compatibility mode was still disabled. Uninstalled for now.
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