Barack Obama meets with local BlackBerry software company

Barack Obama came to Ottawa and was just around the corner from BlackBerryCool headquarters. He passed by Rove, a mobile IT admin software solution provider, and they wrote about it on their blog:

We knew President Obama was in town. Some of the downtown streets had been blocked off, and the transit system had been affected. But we never expected the US President to make his way down to the historic Byward Market, where we work.

As soon as we saw the commotion, many of us grabbed our coats and ran downstairs, hoping for a glimpse of the President through the darkened windows of his limousine. Well, we got our wish–and more!

To our surprise, the President’s motorcade stopped a few feet away from the front door of our office building. While President Obama shopped for souvenirs (a key chain, Canadian maple leaf cookies and even an ObamaTail), we joined the assembled crowd to greet him.

The President was tremendously gracious to all of us. He took time to smile, chat, sign autographs and shake hands. A few lucky Rove employees were able to get close enough to shake his hand and take pictures (like the one you see above).

I think it’s safe to say that this Thursday, February 19 2009, was a day many of us will never forget. Seeing the President of the United States up close is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once again, we were reminded how lucky we are to work in such a great part of the city.


7 Responses to “Barack Obama meets with local BlackBerry software company”

  1. 1 BlackBurryGeek

    I’m surprised that Obama was so close to the action. If it were George W Bush, you would have been karate kicked by his guards and shipped out to Gitmo.

    I loved this story because it’s such a sign of the times.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool

    Still kicking myself I wasn’t working from the BBCool HQ that day!

  3. 3 Mauricio

    That’s too cool. Lol @ autographs. He’s a freaking rock star :D.

  4. 4 WhatAStupidlyMisleadingTitle

    What a stupid and misleading title.

    In no way did “Obama Meets With Local BlackBerry Software Company”. He walked by the damn place, signed a few autographs and people snapped his picture (in which the guy standing there looks like he is about to shoot lasers out of his eyes).

    A “meets with” comment constitutes a planned “get together to discuss topics”.

    By your definition, he “met with” every company on that street then. Wow. I walk by over 1,000 people a day, but that doesn’t mean I am “meeting” with them. If I take a tour of the White House, I don’t have a “meeting” with the President.

    Great way to try and get your SEO up though.

  5. 5 Kyle


    lol! Sorry, the title should have been:

    Barack Obama walked by a local company signed a few autographs and people snapped his picture

    Quite the attention grabber huh?

  6. 6 re:whatastupidlymisleadingtitle

    Would have been more accurate and factual.

    Reminds me of the time that Doug “exclusively confirmed that the Storm was going to be on Rogers!”.

  7. 7 Carl

    This might be a little off subject, but have you looked at seoclientprospectingrobot dot com? Just wondering if you have any reviews of it, I’m thinking of buying a copy, and wanted to see if anyone had bought a copy yet.

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