Free BlackBerry app handles 411, maps, driving directions, movies and more

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There are a ton of LBS apps coming out these days and it’s important for BBCool readers to sort through them. We need to find the best out there so let’s give this one a whirl and let people know. Interestingly enough, Instafind GPS also works on BB’s that don’t support GPS.

Instafind Mobile Services is FREE and packs all the essentials in one app
- 411 /Local search
- Map it
- Driving Direction
- One click call
- Movies showtimes
- Buy movie tickets from phone
- Weather (US and International)
- Flight Status
- Stock Quotes
- Book search (compare prices and read reviews)
- Lottery Results
- Nearest Gas Station
- News

To download this app OTA, visit here.


5 Responses to “Free BlackBerry app handles 411, maps, driving directions, movies and more”

  1. 1 Dan

    I can’t seem to get the OTA loader to work. Bad server name or something

  2. 2

    Links dead

  3. 3 mgc

    I could be wrong but I think this app went offline at the end of January

  4. 4 ra

    I have this app installed and I get the same error msg when I try to use the app as I do when I click the link on this page to download it OTA.

  5. 5 Josh Lloyd

    Hahaha so much for that one! On to the next app. I have tried Instafind, and it’s alright. What it does is you install a very small file on your phone, and when you click it, it get’s your location, and then opens your browser to the Instafind page, which is now preloaded with your exact location! (very cool idea). I just didn’t care for the fact that you had to use your browser, I prefer an all-in-one app.

    So far, Tellme is very nice, as is Superpages.

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