Free contact management software from DubMeNow


DubMeNow is a free application for BlackBerry. The app allows you to use any mobile phone to exchange contact information instantly. The app will also allow you to make changes to your contact info, without waiting until you get back to your desk to connect or manually enter business cards.

To try the service, go here and:

1. Sign up for DUB and download DUB to your phone.
2. Send a DUB invite by text or email from your phone.
3. Your contact accepts the invite and your info loads directly into his or her mobile address book and syncs with Outlook.
4. You’re connected! Tag or add notes to your contact’s profile to remember context of your connection.
5. Change your profile – new job, new address, email, phone, etc. – and all your DUB contacts get your updates instantly. Any changes your DUB contacts make are automatically updated in your smart phone address book.

Soon, the service will allow you to connect via LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you’re looking for contact management software, this may be right for you. Try it out and let the community know what you think.

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