Free SMS to email with SMS2Desk by Cortado

Cortado has recently released SMS2Desk, a free app that will take your SMS messages and get them to you in email form. The service goes both ways too, allowing you to send from email to SMS. This is especially handy for all your friends who insist the RAZR is a perfectly good phone and don’t know what the fuss is over this new thing called the “BlueBerry.”

Go here to check out the free version.

You can also pick up a premium version for 4.98 EUR.

If you’ve tried the app, please comment and let me know what you think. Does it help you stay connected?


10 Responses to “Free SMS to email with SMS2Desk by Cortado”

  1. 1 Doug

    Um… am I missing something here? I have DL’ed the free version and have been clicking ENABLE like a mad man and no luck. All the permissions are set to ALLOW and I still don’t know what the deal is. Anyone get this to work?

  2. 2 Noel

    Will not enable on my BlackBerry Storm. Pressed enable in the menu several times to no avail.

  3. 3 Matthew Zinader

    Same here, won’t enable.

  4. 4 Doug

    Cortado must be the Spanish equivalent of FAIL

  5. 5 John Miller

    I think you have to wait for an sms to come in and it will forward to your desktop email. as far as sending an email and the recipient receiving an sms…… Follow the instructions listed….here.

    I haven’t received any sms yet but i assume it will just forward them as an email. I was hoping to avoid the sms charge and just get an email but i don’t believe that is how this works.

  6. 6 Bayan

    Installed on my bold and works great. Recieved SMS also shows up in inbox. Reply to email sends SMS.

    Trying to figure out if it avoids SMS charges or not. Where does the SMS actually get sent from… my phone or their server. I ask because I couldn’t find the SMS in my outbox.

  7. 7 annie

    i have an at&t curve 8310, running 4.5.

    i downloaded it OTA and it won’t enable for me either. is it better to use DM to load it?

  8. 8 Doug

    well, i deleted and reinstalled with DM, and got it to say Enabled now for the test i guess. I sent my wife a message to her phone to send me a text, but she is prolly busy with patients so I will have to wait :)

  9. 9 Javier

    I DL’ed a couple of weeks ago to a BB Storm, and it works perfect. The fact is you get the SMS as an SMS, but when you check your email account in your desktop (NOT IN YOUR BB!), then the SMS appear as emails. Which I think it’s great: you get your SMS on your cell as they should, but at the same time they are stored in your email server without getting them twice on your phone.
    The only BUT: it won’t stay enabled if I turn off/battery pull my device. So, every morning, when I turn on my device, I have to actually go to the app and Enable it.

  10. 10 Brad

    If i reply to an international txt message that comes in as an email because of this program will I be charged international txt fees?

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