How to travel effectively with your BlackBerry

There are a ton of things that can go wrong when traveling. You could miss your flight, which can not only cost you money in rescheduling, it is a huge headache. Finding hotels, changing currency, getting used to the time difference and even predicting the weather can all be incredibly difficult in a foreign country.

Many BlackBerry users are high intensity business people who are constantly traveling and have the bottom line in mind. WorldMate can help you stay organized and connected so that you’ll save your business money as well as keep you focused on the important things while leaving the legwork to WorldMate. To do this, WorldMate Live uses several features that work together with your BB, email, calendars, airline and host country to keep you on track.

Manage your itinerary

You can have your itinerary automatically managed by WorldMate. To do this, take any flight, hotel or rental car confirmation email, forward it to, and WorldMate Live instantly creates your itinerary. To top it off, your meetings within your BlackBerry calendar are automatically inserted into the WorldMate Live itinerary.

Once your info has been added to the WorldMate Live system, you can interact with the data really easily. If you click on flights, you can check their status, find alternative flights and check the reservation number. With hotels, you can call the hotel or click a map to view its location. For business meetings, you have 1 click access to phone, email or text message the client to make sure you’re both on schedule. WorldMate Live even integrates with several car navigation systems including TeleNav and Telmap so that you there is also one-click access to maps and directions.

Remember, this is WorldMate Live. If there are any schedule changes, complications or events that you need to be aware of, WorldMate Live sends real-time alerts. WorldMate Live also has a social aspect that allows you to share your itinerary with family, friends, colleagues or your secretary. It will also notify you when your travels overlap with someone you know.

Travel tools

WorldMate uses a wide variety of features for the busy traveler. With WorldMate’s weather forecast tools, you can view the weather in 100s of cities worldwide. Flight schedules are also easy to browse. With over 90% of the world’s commercial flights covered, you can instantly see how to get from A to B on a path of least resistance. The schedules cover 800 airlines ranging from the majors to low cost carriers to small, regional airlines.

World clocks is a great tool for not only getting yourself adjusted once you land, but prepping the journey as well. About to make a conference call? See the time in 5 different cities at once to make scheduling a conference call a breeze.

Knowing the status of your flight is important because it could be the difference between making a conference and missing it entirely. WorldMate gives you access to real time flight information for 350 airlines around the world.

Another important tool for traveling is the currency converter. WorldMate’s currency converter gives you access to over 160 different currencies and allows you to compare 3 currencies simultaneously on the screen. Not sure how much 1,000 Israeli shekels is in dollars? No longer a problem.

Booking via your BlackBerry

You can book hotels with WorldMate very easily. The hotel search is customized to suit your needs and the search includes an astounding number of hotels from around the world. With the custom search, you can specify categories such as budget, star ratings, brands and desired amenities. The service is again perfectly sync’d with all aspects of your life in that you can define an area to search for hotels, say for example where your conference is, and find hotels in the budget and specs you’ve already specified.

Booking via WorldMate’s website

WorldMate’s site works with your device and personal information to make sure you’re on target for a well organized travel. This comes in handy if you don’t have access to your device. Let’s say for example you’re traveling and your BlackBerry has died on you. All you have to do is access the hotel or cafe’s WiFi, log on to the WorldMate site, and you’re back on track. WorldMate won’t let you down.
Social networking with WorldMate Live

Social networking with WorldMate Live

WorldMate Live includes a feature called Connections. Connections is a social network based on your colleagues and friends whereabouts. It shows which of your contacts are on the road, and which are at home. Included within Connections, is a feature called “Who Can I Meet?”. This feature shows which of your contacts are in the same city and allows you to easily reach out to potential clients or partners. If email introductions aren’t working, this could be your ticket to bringing in some extra business.

WorldMate Live has done an excellent job of aggregating all your travel needs into one user-friendly system. The software truly embodies the spirit of BlackBerry, which is making enterprise more efficient and effective. Not only is it great for enterprise, this is also a consumer app. From backpackers to holiday goers, WorldMate Live makes everything that much easier.

Download WorldMate Live here.

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