Mobile manufacturers struggle to keep up with RIM

Recently, major mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung agreed to produce a standardized charger for the industry. The companies will be switching to mini USB, the same standard charger as the BlackBerry. I know exactly how that meeting went:

“Guys, we need a standard char…McDonnel! Pay attention, we’re having a meeting here.”
“Sorry sir, my BlackBerry died and I’m looking for the charger.”
“Here you go McDonnel. I borrowed this from Frank in HR.”
“Wait a minute…”


6 Responses to “Mobile manufacturers struggle to keep up with RIM”

  1. 1 James

    Actually, they’ll be switching to MICRO USB. Blackberry devices were formerly MINI USB, but then they just recently switched to the micro format, which is a massive pain in the ass, because all my old chargers won’t work, and I have to carry around two chargers for each my BB and the headset.

  2. 2 Wesley

    Wait, are they going with the Storm usb, or the Bold usb?

    Why would they go with the Storm usb (and why did Blackberry for the Storm)? The only reason I can see is to make the phones as thin as possible.

  3. 3 JD

    Storm uses micro USB, which is the new standard.

    I didn’t like changing to it, but now that I’m used to it I do think it is better. I’m glad the industry is moving the same way as RIM and Motorola on this.

  4. 4 FuturDreamz

    Will they use the same voltage as the Blackberry chargers?

  5. 5 Marcel

    I just got the 8900 now I have three charges and two usb while are useless

  6. 6 Billy Bob

    I just got an 8900. I purchase 3 mini->micro converters so I could use all my mini chargers. They cost like $2 a piece.

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