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RIM axes BlackBerry Unite and BlackBerry Professional Software


unite header

Both BlackBerry Unite and BlackBerry Professional Software are great ideas but their execution wasn’t enough to keep them from being cut. BlackBerry Unite will die at the beginning of July and both programs will see customer support end in 2010.

If you’re wondering what you’ll be missing: BB Unite provides access to files on your home computer while you’re mobile. It can also be used in a small business to help coordinate and collaborate with coworkers. The software required you to install a new browser on your device which didn’t jive well with other apps and features on your device.

BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) was designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses. The software gives employees wireless access to email, business data, the Internet, organizer info and more. The problems with BPS came in that it constantly lagged behind the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

Although the programs have been cut, rest assured the BlackBerry development community has made up for the loss of these software packages.



BlackBerry home surveillance with Schlage – win a BlackBerry!


Schlage has an interesting product. Once you download the software to your device, Schlage will notify you of anyone entering your house. Once someone is home, Schlage will send you a message, alerting you of this. As the above video describes, this is great if you have a family with degenerate teenagers. Schlage is now offering a contest where you can win a BlackBerry Storm and a Schlage LiNK system for your home.

Visit here for details.



New rotating backgrounds theme for BlackBerry


You’ll always be a world traveler with this new theme from Bplay. This theme rotates in a new background image on your device from among 20 of the top cities of the world. The background image rotates every 10 minutes. Cities include: Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Venice.

Check it out here.

The theme costs $5.99

Turn your BlackBerry Storm into a remote


Unify4Life’s AV Shadow app is now available for the BlackBerry Storm. The app works with your home theater system to allow your device to control it. Back at WES, this company won the Consumer Choice Award and really impressed everyone at CES.

Unify4Life promises to help BlackBerry burrow even further into your everyday life by replacing your home entertainment remote controls, and with the ability to access other household functions squarely in their sights, the future is bright for these guys.

Listen in on the BlackBerryCool podcast for more info on this great new product.

Check out their site for more details.



Share your calendars and contacts with WICKSoft


exchange wicksoft calendar

WICKSoft has just released a new version their mobile collaboration solution for BlackBerry. The latest version allows you to edit and view shared and delegate calendars and contacts in Exchange using your device.

Shared and delegate content in Exchange is very popular among organizations of all sizes, but until now it has been unavailable to BlackBerry users. With WICKSoft, you can access everything in Exchange using your BlackBerry. New viewing modes for calendars, and improved searching, have made working with large contact lists and busy calendars easy to do.

Contacts and appointments can be synchronized with the phone, or you can work directly with the original—creating new appointments and contacts, and viewing and updating existing ones.

In addition, WICKSoft allows you to view files attached to meetings and contacts, as well as search your inbox for messages that are no longer stored on the phone.

Visit WICKSoft for details.

More breaking news to come from WICKSoft in the near future so stay tuned.

Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth stereo headset/speakers reviewed


In looking for some good quality stereo Bluetooth headphones for my HTC Touch Pro, I stumbled onto the Jabra BT8030 headset which turned out to be, in my opinion, the best headphones I’ve ever used. Seriously. These things are absolutely luxurious — they pair with any Bluetooth enabled devices (mobile phone, PC, media player, etc.) like a breeze, come with ZIRENE audio enhancement, and can be used in headset mode, speakerphone mode, handsfree, and can be unfolded to transform into some really cool speakers!
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