RIM announces BES 5.0

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RIM announced today the impending release of the latest version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server. BES 5.0 will add a bunch of new features to improve the BlackBerry experience for enterprise users. Here’s a quick list of what’s been announced:

* Retrieve corporate documents behind firewalls
* Add, read, rename and delete folders on the handset and have those changes be applied to the desktop email client
* Create rules within the inbox to filter email and have those changes be applied to the desktop
* View attachments in calendar entries and meeting requests
* Download and store emails and email attachments onto microSD cards

It definitely sounds like the main focus of BES 5.0 is improving desktop/BlackBerry interaction in regards to email and calendaring functions. I’m also really excited about being able to take better advantage of the microSD card. We’ll let you know more about BES 5.0 as soon as we get it.

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