Rogers on Demand TV and music service for BlackBerry Bold

Rogers gets a lot of internet flack which culminated around the time of the iPhone launch when customers were unhappy about data rates. This was a funny situation because after an “all you can eat” data plan was introduced, it turned out most users didn’t use 10% of the available data. In any case, Rogers is offering its “On Demand” service which brings us all wonderful things such as streaming XM Radio, Concert videos, TV shows and best of all, NHL Hockey video highlights and much more.

Pricing for the service is set at $15 for Unlimited Music or $15 Unlimited Clips, bundle up and get Unlimited Music incl. Radio and Unlimited Video Clips for $25. The service also offers a pay per use but they include some heavy fees such as a “Transport Fee.” This is the sort of fee that is common in the mobile industry. Carriers love to charge the “because we can” fee to their customers and they’re about to snap. It’s only a matter of time until a class-action lawsuit removes these garbage scams.

Go here for more details and signup straight from your device.


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