Top 10 mobile phones in America

blackberry curve

Avian Reasearch has published a top monthly retail report for handsets across America. The results are in and the Curve is at the top of the list! The runners up are the iPhone and the Storm. Nice going RIM, 2 out of the top 3.

The survey included answers from 100 retail managers and sales reps from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile shops across the country. The results therefore don’t count any online, second hand, mail order and other sales channels. The top ten is as follows:

1. BlackBerry Curve
2. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPhone
3. BlackBerry Storm
4. LG Voyager (up from 6th.)
5. LG Dare (down from 4th.)
6. BlackBerry Bold (down from 5th.)
7. Samsung Rant (new)
8. Samsung Behold (up from 9th.)
9. Samsung Instinct (up from 10th.)
10. LG Env2 (down from 8th.)

Do you think this list adequately represents what’s the best smartphone out there? Or are consumers easily duped into buying bad hardware?


(Thanks Simon)

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  1. 1 Dorian

    Why put in Apple’s ticker symbol but no others?

  2. 2 RayG

    “Do you think this list adequately represents what’s the best smartphone out there?”

    May not necessarily be the best, but I think it’s a matter of sales. The Curve is a more cost effective phone. $99 or less after rebates and such. The iPhone is $199 or $299. that’s it- no deals.

  3. 3 Christopher

    I think it represents it well. I wouldn’t think the storm would be ahead of the bold but it seems realistic. You can’t walk through any airport (a nice cross-section of average america)without noticing 6/10 phones are blacberries, maybe 2/10 iPhones, and 2/10 RAZRs (or other generic flip). Every once in a while you’ll see a HTC/Winmo phone.

  4. 4 Morton

    I think this is actually a pretty realistic representation. The Blackberry Curve definately is the most relaible smart phone and has the highest customer satisfaction. For feature phones I think the LG Voyager and LG Dare are appropriately placed as well. I

  5. 5 TruSerenity

    I do not think this list truly represents the best of the smartphones out today. You missed the Samsung Epix, and upgrade from the Blackjack II from AT&T which is truly underrated and virtually unknown, but it is truly one of the best smartphones on the market today.

    From the website:

    Check out the new slim touchscreen Samsung with a full QWERTY keyboard! The Samsung Epix(TM) is a world-capable, 3G smartphone featuring Windows Mobile Professional 6.1. Get the best of both worlds with global coverage and blazing fast 3G capabilities. Multitask with simultaneous voice and data abilities. Get more done on the go with a high-speed processor, large application memory capacity, Stereo Bluetooth® capabilities, Wi-Fi and aGPS for AT&T Navigator.

  6. 6 Chris

    When they say “Curve”, does that include both the 830XX and the 89XX phones?

  7. 7 Nikolaus

    I think the 8900 is too new to be included on this list. I think “Curve” must refer to all 83XX devices, though maybe the iDen 8350i should be in its own category. I think the 8900 is a pretty much the best phone hands-down. I think we will see “Curve” stay at the top of this list under the banner of the 89XX and future 93XX 3G Curve.

  8. 8 Juan

    I wonder about this survey.

    Do the AT&T “retail managers and sale representatives” know what Apple, Best Buy and other retail stores which sell the iPhone sold and did they include those numbers in their estimates??

    Also, these are just US numbers not worldwide.

    “Avian Reasearch has published a top monthly retail report for handsets across America. ”

    who is Avian “ReAsearch” or is that a misspelling?

    is it

    Who is Avian Research

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