BlackBerry home surveillance with Schlage - win a BlackBerry!

Schlage has an interesting product. Once you download the software to your device, Schlage will notify you of anyone entering your house. Once someone is home, Schlage will send you a message, alerting you of this. As the above video describes, this is great if you have a family with degenerate teenagers. Schlage is now offering a contest where you can win a BlackBerry Storm and a Schlage LiNK system for your home.

Visit here for details.


6 Responses to “BlackBerry home surveillance with Schlage - win a BlackBerry!”

  1. 1 victor

    What an awful commercial. A better choice had to exist. I could probably come up with a better idea.

  2. 2 Graham

    Terrible. I couldnt stomach watching it all.

  3. 3 medicthree

    Why do we even bother reading this crap? You couldn’t come up with an original post to save Ýour soul…

    Head over to crackberry to hear everything kyle says here, only sooner.

  4. 4 Art Werts

    I hope someone did not pay much for this advertisement. If they did they got taken.

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