Happy 4th Birthday BlackBerry Cool!

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The beginning of March marks the 4th year that BlackBerry Cool has been around. We started off fairly small with only a few Google ads and a lot of posts. Over the 4 years we’ve been reporting on BlackBerry, the device has gone from this, to this.

Also, our traffic has over the years gone from almost nothing to over 1 million uniques and 5 million pageviews per month!

To celebrate, we’re offering 20% off in the BlackBerry Cool store. Just use the code “BBCOOL4YEARS” which is good until Friday.

Thank you for reading BlackBerry Cool and we’re looking forward to 4 more years!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry guys, the discount only applies to software.

  • artie
    Happy Birthday and many more
    Great ones to come.
  • Paul
    Wha? Older than Crackberry and still better looking!
  • RickyG
    Congrates on your 4th year.
  • LouTreize
    Happy birfday BBCool!
  • Jerry H Browning
    Just my luck. I purchased the following last night on-line. Order Information
    iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount for 8830, 8100 (Pearl), 8820(1): $19.95
    Subtotal: $19.95
    Shipping: $5.95
    Total: $25.90

    I've heard of " a day late and a dollar short" but not any saying when you order a day early and miss the discount.
  • mcky
    Happy B'day... Way to go. Wish u many more to come and going/growing strong.
  • Tdburn
    Happy Birthday!
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