NUForce NE-7M headset for the BlackBerry Storm

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I was in the market for a wired in-ear headset. I tried a couple off the shelf of a local wireless store, but none them lived up to my standard for listening to music. I ordered the NU Force NE-7M wired headset, based on a suggestion from a colleague. So far, these are great little mid priced ear buds. Call quality isn’t too shabby either.

I’ve got the Blackberry Storm, which came with the generic headset. The ear buds on those never fit in my ears and on long train rides they tend to fall out or don’t block out enough noise. The NE-7M’s do a great job of staying in my ears and blocking out the background noise at even low levels, when you pause the music you can hold a conversation. The mic has a pause button, which comes in handy when people walk up and want to talk to you. There are no buttons on the headset to skip music; I use my side buttons for that.

I’m not an audiophile but I do like my music and I expect to at least hear the song as the artist intended it to be heard. Many of my previous ear buds failed in the bass department, and often sounded a bit tinny. The NE-7M’s reproduce enough of the music for my tastes. The sound quality is by far the best that I’ve tested at this price point. The highs aren’t muffled, the mids are there, and I can hear bass now. I heard parts of songs that I hadn’t heard with previous in-ear buds and I can say I’m thoroughly impressed by this headset. I would have to say they rival headphones that cost twice as much.

The NE-7m comes with 3 different size ear pieces: small, medium, and large. The hard part is deciding which size will work best for you; the better the fit the better the sound of the music. I’ll be using these to walk the dog, mow the lawn, and hiking. An issue I find with some in-ear headphones is being able to hear myself walk or what others refer to as cord noise. Some of my previous in-ear headsets were big offenders in this department. These do have some cord noise when the cable brushes up against clothing but it is minimal. It’s more apparent when music is paused. Speaking of the cord, I’ve had this for a couple of days now and I can’t really say that it gets tangled all that much like my previous ear buds. The cord is almost 4 feet; it’s a single cord that splits about 12 inches from the chin. The plastic is rigid but bendable.

Call quality is decent on this headset. I received and made several phone calls and the people on the other end said they could hear me and I could hear them. It will have a little different sound than when using the phone by itself. The callers did not complain about call quality or have me repeat anything I said.


It’s hard to say if everyone will love this headset or if there isn’t a better headset out there. What I can say is if you want to hear more of your music without breaking the bank then the NU Force NE-7M’s maybe the ones to have on your wish list.


• Cable Length: 1.2 meters
• Driver Size: 9mm
• Frequency Response: 20 Hz-22 KHz
• Sensitivity: 100+/-3dB/mW at 1 KHz
• Rated Power: 2mW
• Max power: 20mW
• Plug: 3.5mm
• Weight: 12g

• Frequency: 20Hz – 16 kHz
• Sensitivity: 58 dB +/-2dB
• Directional: Omni directional

Package Contents Include:
• Stereo headset with microphone
• 3 pairs of single flange ear-tips (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large)
• Carrying case

J.W. Luce

  • Jason Lim

    I am from Nuforce and just saw this posting. Thanks. Please note that the photo shown is incorrect. It is NE-8. NE-7M can be found at

  • Jason Lim

    I am from Nuforce and just saw this posting. Thanks. Please note that the photo shown is incorrect. It is NE-8. NE-7M can be found at

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