8 free BlackBerry apps you may not have UPDATE

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It’s important to keep in mind that many of these apps will not work for your device. The reason for which is the same reason why I wrote “apps you may not have.” They are apps developed in a very whimsical fashion by independent developers. Think of them as the Indie Rock of BlackBerry development.


MaraTick was written by Ted Regsuren to help reduce paper waste and it’s named after his daughter Mara. The app has a shopping list and to do functionality. The more people who use it, the better it will serve it’s purpose.

Download MaraTick OTA from here [99KB].

Download MaraTick desktop install files from here.


WebMessenger gives you free business-calls mobile IM. With WebMessenger, you get access to all of your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Skype and Google accounts.

Go to their page and register for your free copy here.


Install this app and get quick and easy SMS messages composed. Once installed, you can just press ‘Q’ to compose an SMS. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

To download, get the files from here.


MaxMem is an app intended to free up memory on your device.

To download, get the jad file from here.


ShrinkIt resizes pictures on your BlackBerry.

To download, go here.


This app will let you snap 4 pictures in a row. It could be useful for those who are trying to get a pic just right and need several to choose from.

Get the Peek-A-Boo’s jad file from here.


BBFileScout is a file explorer for your BlackBerry.

Download BBFileScout from here.


KeePassBB iis a secure password and information storage app. Don’t let anyone read your private data!

Get KeePassBB here.

7 Responses to “8 free BlackBerry apps you may not have UPDATE”

  1. 1 qureshi

    Peek a boo doesn’t work on my blackberry 8310

  2. 2 Andy

    Dig the theme in that image - what is it called?

  3. 3 amermofo

    i think its the vodafone theme

  4. 4 Danny

    Looks like he’s on the AT&T network, I’m pretty sure that’s the default AT&T theme. Much better looking than my Sprint theme.

  5. 5 SoftwareSweatshop

    I’d add a few more of my favorites:

    1). Google Suite: Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Sync, and Google Mobile
    2). GymTechnik
    3). Viigo
    4). WSJ Mobile Reader
    5). Nimbuzz: great for aggregating AOL, MSN, GTalk, etc. It’s the only one I’ve found that also includes Skype
    6). Joe Krill’s YouMail app
    7). MobiPocket Reader
    8). FlyCast for internet radio
    9). 123 Spoof to hide your phone number and slip into voicemail without having to talk to the person. Very similar to Slydial, but it’s free
    10). Remember the Milk to integrate your Blackberry with your online to do list. If you integrate RTM to Google Calendar you’ll really be in business
    11). Vlingo is the best voice to text application I’ve ever seen

  6. 6 b

    In Maratick- does anyone know what the “bg…” is when you press the blackberry button?

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