App World pricing structure revealed

Our old buddy Simon is writing about the App World pricing structure and there’s some interesting news. The pricing structure is different from Apple in that the minimum, after free, is $2.99 and not $0.99. This makes sense because BlackBerry is targeting a different market, one that has more money and wants apps that solve problems, not entertain at parties.

The most expensive an app can be on App World is the same as Apple, $999.99. So the question is: who is going to make the “I Am Rich” app for BlackBerry, and would it even sell?

The question I’d like to put out to you guys is:

What was the last app you bought, and how much was it?

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  1. 1 DavidB

    I Like this plan. Will keep out the garbage that polutes App Store.

  1. 1 Lunchtime Links 3/5/09 — DJ Feenix

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