BBSmart Alarms Pro updated to support more devices

BBSmartBBSmart just updated their BBSmart Alarms app to be compatible with the Bold, Storm, 8900, and 8350i. If you have purchased this app from our store then you already know this, but if you have one of these devices and you’re looking for the app, it’s now available.

Download the app here.
Price $4.95

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  1. 1 StorminMad

    Alarms Pro 1.25 IS NOT compatible with the Storm as of March 20, 2009. Many purchasers are ticked off at the false claims of Storm compatibility that came out with this new release. Th eprogram “runs” on the Storm, but the most important feature of an alarm- whether it be on a phone or an actual alarm clock sitting on your bedside table- is that it actually makes a noise to wake you up. Alarms Pro 1.25 sound does not work on the Storm. Totally worthless at this point until an official upgrade from Verizon comes to the Storm.

    BBSmart’s current solution is that you should download a “leaked” update to your big red Blackberry device to get their program to work. Ummm, no thanks. People are having difficulty getting their money back as well.

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