Coming soon - phone directory app for the BlackBerry Storm

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Blinding Rain is a new BlackBerry developer company that is putting out what they describe as “a phone directory app on steroids.” The app is made specifically for the BlackBerry Storm and is currently in its Alpha testing phase. The company has this to say about the Storm:

Have you been dissapointed with the selection of apps out there now? Tired of apps that don’t deliver as promised? Me too.

You see, we started as frustrated users, not with the Storm, but with the seeming lack of really creative and innovative apps for our phone. I guess what we all really wanted was the best of both worlds, the power, reliability and business background of a BlackBerry only with the flash and style of the iPhone.

For us, it all started with a simple question . . . “What if the BlackBerry Storm had a clever, usable tool with a real cool look, an intuitive, easy to use dashboard, that saved users time?

What are your frustrations with the Storm?

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  1. 1 Paul

    3rd party apps that do the same thing that the native apps do for free. Here is what will make this product suck.

    It will suck if they…
    -Use tiny icons to “give more functions” on the screen. making touch screen with big fingers impossible.
    -Link to their own servers where my personal information will be stored/sorted/filtered/re-distributed for my “convenience”.
    -Don’t include a theme to match their new look and feel so that the rest of the phone looks as good as they say their app will.

    What do I not like about the storm? It took me two weeks to fully become integrated into the storm. Otherwise I love it and think people who use it and say “it’s not good because i spent a week with it and it’s not my iphone” didn’t give it the time it deserves.

    BTW I’m not slower typing on the storm then on my old curve. I’m about as fast now. It was just a learning curve.

  2. 2 Dan


    Those are great comments. As a member of the Blinding Rain Team, this is exactly what we have hit at: Larger buttons, great display that takes advantage of the hi-rez screen the Storm has to offer. As far as what you may have experienced already is that there are a lot of apps out there now that a little more than a web-app that serves up in a browser-like experience.

    With our app, that experience will be different. While it grabs data from outside, it is designed to be as closly integrated into the native apps of the Storm as possible.

    Keep tuned for more details, screen shots and more informaition this next week on the web site:

  3. 3 rothbart

    My biggest gripe with the storm is that it crashes/reboots on me all the time. Sometimes it does it in the middle of a call. There are even some times a battery pull doesn’t seem to snap it out of its funk and I’ll have to do 2-3 before it’ll boot up. When it works, I love it… if it doesn’t settle down when the new OS is released (later this month… *crosses fingers*) I’m going to return it as defective and try another unit.

    As for the apps, I REALLY like apps that integrate themselves both into and with other portions of the phone. I like that navigation software can add a “navigate to” option in other apps, I like it when apps can pull contact info from my phonebook, etc. I don’t want to have to retype any info I don’t have to… why on earth there isn’t an “insert email address” option on the keyboard I have no idea… I must have typed it 100 times so far.

    I also don’t like it when location-sensitive apps don’t have any info for my town. I live in one of the five largest cities in my state… why do some apps (Poynt) recommend stuff in completely different towns yet miss the (not new) businesses a couple miles away?

  4. 4 Mash

    This company needs to spell check its website. Dissapointed? If you expect to sell this application, you should really run a spell check and content check. Also, you are building apps for the storm, so why are implying that it is a frustrating phone to own: “You see, we started as frustrated users, not with the Storm, but with…” This distracts from your mission.

    That said, this seems like a useful application and if my phone wasn’t busy freezing and restarting itself, maybe I could use it. I agree that it’s frustrating that I have to constantly retype things and copy paste to get info from one place to another. Poynt often misses addresses of existing places (and I’m in nyc, come on!) or it will return the address and not give me option to map the location. It would be great to have a restaurant review and directory app that’s convenient, available at one touch, and plays well with GPS navigation on bbmaps (so I can get directions, not just map the location). I also am frustrated with how many clicks are required to get from the phone book to the phone call.

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