Customize your BlackBerry LED with BerryBuzz


We love our BlackBerrys. We love them because they are our communicators—they connect us to the world through phone, email, SMS, IM, Facebook, and just about any other way that technology lets us get in touch with one another. But one of the great flaws of the BlackBerry OS is the way it notifies us of incoming messages. The blinking red-LED is great, but it doesn’t tell us anything about the nature of the communication. Did I get an email? An SMS? A missed call?

That’s where BerryBuzz comes in. Compatible with just about every BlackBerry you could throw at it, BerryBuzz lets you customize that LED. Want a turquoise LED for new Email, and a yellow one for missed calls? You got it. With BerryBuzz, you can tell what type of communication your BlackBerry is telling you about—just from a glance at the LED.

But enough about the product’s idea—let’s look at the details, and see if it is worth the $5.95.


Once you go the BlackBerryCool App Store and buy it, installation is a breeze. You’ll be sent a link to download it, and an activation code within the Email.

(BB-tip: did you know that you can copy/paste from within an email? Just hold down the left ‘caps’ button while you scroll across the activation code. Hit ‘alt+wheel-click’ to copy, and ‘left-caps+wheel-click’ to paste).

From there installation is a breeze. Just download BerryBuzz from the link, and paste your Activation-code into the form, and you’re good to go. Go ahead and reset your BlackBerry (it will prompt you—just click on the ‘reset-now’).


Unlike most apps, you don’t need to go to your download-folder to set up BerryBuzz. Instead navigate over to Options, and BerryBuzz will be in your list (or, do yourself a favor and buy QuickLaunch from the App Store, and add ‘Options’ to your QuickLaunch list). Once there, getting BerryBuzz to work how you want is pretty intuitive. You can choose between 16 different color options (8 standard, 8 bright) for:

• E-Mail
• PIN Message
• Calendar Reminders
• Missed Call
• Incoming Call

Now, here is where I get into my first (and basically only) complaint with BerryBuzz: I use IM. GChat, AOL, MSN and of course BlackBerry. I really wish that I could have a separate color for these IMs. My solution? I changed everything else to not-red, which left these as red…though there are a few other notifications that still blink-red. Oh well.


This is a great product that has grown on my during the week that I have had it. I love that I can look at the LED and know that it’s an email, or IM, or a missed call. It even will blink multiple LED colors for multiple messages.

If you’re looking for a way to recognize quickly, simply and easily what type of notification you’ve gotten, BerryBuzz is the way to go.

To download BerryBuzz, go here.
Price $5.95

****/5 (4/5)

To download QuicklLaunch, go here.
Price $4.99

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  1. 1 martha

    FYI Your post says $4.95 but the BBCool store price is $5.95

  2. 2 yasmin

    I have been using this since 2 weeks and I do not want to miss this again!

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