Forward with Edit - find a link and win a free theme UPDATE

This is an excellent piece of software because BlackBerry lacks the ability to edit an email that you are forwarding. Forward with Edit allows you to do just that. Instead of clicking “Forward,” you click “Forward with Edit” after installing the software and you can edit the email to be forwarded.

Now this is where I ask your help.

I have been trying to find you a download link or even a product page with purchasing information but it isn’t obvious where to go (I’m really leaving myself open to ridicule here).

Can you find out more about this application? The first 5 people to comment with a download link and product information will win a free theme.

[UPDATE: The video might be made by the guys at Unify4Life]


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27 Responses to “Forward with Edit - find a link and win a free theme UPDATE”

  1. 1 NICE

    IT’s about time!!! Why has this not been there for yrs. I love it!

  2. 2 Agarwaen

    My guess, You’ll find it on the blackberry app store tomorrow after its release. (I have been searching for a while and I can’t find anything).

  3. 3 Danielle Bourgeois

    Hi Kyle,

    I did a little digging and managed to track down the owner of Mobile Imagination. I have an email in to him requesting additional information. I wanted to cc you on it but I was unable to find a contact address for you.

    Warm regards,

    Danielle Bourgeois

  4. 4 Tom Joones

    Sweet! This is great!

  5. 5 casper663

    I don’t have a site, i looked and looked nothing but all i can find is this.

  6. 6 maz

    Nice idea!!

  7. 7 Ali

    Are you sure this app is not an april fools joke?

  8. 8 Yosaki

    Wow! I thought this app would be out already. I would give this a try.

  9. 9 Blair

    Well it is the same guy behind Unify4Life. I would start by sending him an email at

  10. 10 Danielle Bourgeois

    Hi Kyle,

    I don’t see my previous comment on this post, but as I mentioned in it, I did put in an email to the developer and I have heard back from him. (Yes, it is the founder of Unify4Life.) Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until tomorrow to see if RIM features ot in their app store - not even Mike knew if it would be there. Sorry I couldn’t deliver better news. (If you’d like me to forward you a copy of the email, just let me know where to send it.)

    Warm regards,


  11. 11 snick

    This is probably what you found. Quite confusing as it seems you just go around in circles. Might consider the April fools factor. :-)

  12. 12 nemo-maritime

    Looked around but found nothing. Will try to keep looking. Pain in the butt.

  13. 13 BerryStar

    I would advice to wait the new release of the BlackBerry Software. According to a BlackBerry Ninja of BoyGeniusReport, the new software version will be called BES 007 and come with full of gadgets including “Forward with Edit” and is code named Krypton.

    The BES 007 along with BlackBerry OS 07 is expected to be rumored at WES2009, Announced at WES2010, Showed at WES2011 and Released at WES2012 but the features will be so wonderfull that it is worse waiting!

    According to leaked information, BlackBerry will
    * now use Augmented Reality with a new concept called “SureThink” - Sorry guys, no more details as patent is ongoing.
    * Come with upfront camera that can be activated in a spy mode
    * Allow to define geo-protected zone in which camera will not work like in toilets and profile can be switched
    * Automatically switch profile when you are drunk, it also transforms what you say so that you don’t look drunk
    * Automatically adapt your social network privacy based on professional and private circles.
    * Plenty of other features.

    They also just learned that Research In Motion has taken over Mobile Imagination company for 125.000.000 $. This company made a leapfrog in BlackBerry development by creating Forward with Edit.

    Interesting info, isn’t it?

  14. 14 Bla1ze

    WiFi sniffer folks..your blackberry attached to your own wifi and then download it.. :)

  15. 15 Kyle from Vayyoo

    It’s in the App World under productivity -> Document Management lister at $2.99. I’ll buy it.

  16. 16 Bla1ze

    But of course, that depends on how deep ya wanna dig too, could just simply say it’s in BlackBerry App World lol.

  17. 17 edgar

    The only place I found the forward to edit was in the blackberry app store. They have it for 2.99

  18. 18 NetNurse31

    Found it in the new app world store for 2.99.listed under productivity. Can’t figure out how to post the exact link here. :-(

  19. 19 Bold_Mik

    From BBAW :

    Check out Forward With Edit (TM)! You can find it at

  20. 20 casper663

    here it is, its in the app store

    Check out Forward With Edit (TM)! You can find it at

  21. 21 casper663

    point your blackberry to here:

    Check out Forward With Edit (TM)! You can find it at

  22. 22 Bold_Mik

    It appears clicking that link takes you to page to d/l App World then you still have to look for it. Once in App World just go to SEARCH and type it in.

  23. 23 Jim Chrapowicz

    It’s in Appworld,

  24. 24 Andy

    Go to this link on your bb to download the app

  25. 25 Jeff B

    No link…but it’s in App World>Doc Management…that count?

  26. 26 casper663

    so do i get that free theme

  27. 27 Agarwaen

    You can find it at the Crackberry store

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