Free Titanium series themes for the BlackBerry Storm

Bla1ze from CB has pointed out some free themes you may want to try out. They’re free so why not right? The company that develops them originally posted the links on the CBForums where you can also go to donate. Apparently the developer recently lost his job so he could do with a buck or three.

Download Titanium-Storm OTA
Download Titanium-Storm Desktop

Download Titanium-Fire OTA
Download Titanium-Fire Desktop

Download Titanium-Blue OTA
Download Titanium-Blue Desktop

Download Titanium-Purple OTA
Download Titanium-Purple Desktop

Download Titanium-Green OTA
Download Titanium-Green Desktop

Download Titanium-Red OTA
Download Titanium-Red Desktop

4 Responses to “Free Titanium series themes for the BlackBerry Storm”

  1. 1 Jason Roberts

    My only complaint about this app is icons from downloaded apps such as ESPN, CNN, etc. will now show up.

  2. 2 kyle

    Some of the ota links dont work on my storm and the desktops do why is that

  3. 3 andrew

    I downloded it onto my phone, then it said reboot to finish installing which I did, but now I cant find it???!!!

  1. 1 BlackBerry Storm 95xx Titanium Theme FREE OTA & Desktop Download | PocketBerry

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