Free Weather watching software for the BlackBerry Storm

It seems like there are a ton of Weather Apps out there. I’ve been testing Weather Eye Touch Version You can sign up at the website in order to obtain an OTA link. After installation run the application.

Now you can set your preferences for primary city, language, temperature type, and toggle the Home Screen Icon on and off. The Icon for the application is kind of cool; it will show you the current temperature and conditions. My instance I’m sitting in Richmond, VA this week and its cloudy and around 48 degrees.

After you apply your settings the application starts you out on the current conditions. This will give you the wind, pressure, humidity, visibility, ceiling, sunrise, and sunset. However, in my case sunrise and sunset were set to N/A.

Another feature is the Short Term Forecast. It will sort of help you plan out the rest of your day. You can see what the forecast will be for the afternoon, evening and overnight. Maybe you had aspirations of grilling out on the deck, or catching a band out an outdoor pavilion, or possibly catching another band indoors. Pull up the short term forecast and see what Mother Nature has in store for you.

Now for those planning parties or activities a little further in the future there is a Long Term forecast. It’s a five day forecast with highs, lows and possible conditions.

The bottom of the screen is how you navigate through the different types of forecasts. There is also a settings button in case you want to change your location or make any other changes. There are two ways to exit out of the application as far as I can tell one is by hitting the “x” button. You can also close the application by hitting the red button on the device. I’ve tried backing out hitting the back key, but that key really doesn’t have a function in this application.

I’ve read some users saying that the application lacks cities. I’ve tried Richmond, VA, then my home town Port Arthur, TX, and for the heck of it I tried Snellville GA. It didn’t have Snellville. To be fair though Snellville is about 20 miles East of Atlanta so the user could put Atlanta and get a fairly good idea of what weather was going to be for Snellville.

Like I said, there are a lot of weather applications out there, which one is the right one for you? Only you can decide.

To download Weather Eye for the BlackBerry Storm, free, go here.

JW Luce

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  1. 1 raydon

    I’m reluctant to d/l this because:
    1 I am not used to d/ls on a cell phone
    2-Who gives away something for nothing, what do they want/expect from the downloader?

  1. 1 Free Weather watching software for the BlackBerry Storm … | ????

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