iPhone 3.0 vs Palm Pre vs BlackBerry vs Android vs WinMo

The above comparison chart is an interesting way to look at the smartphone market’s most popular devices. The list is missing Nokia, Motorola and LG, but the chosen devices are close competitors and the information is still very well put together.

Before you let the Hatorade out about this list, the author would like you to know a few things:

  • I used a set of arbitrary criteria to set up this chart, but I’ll tell you what they are. For iPhone 3.0, we’re using only features Apple permits. Yes, it’s possible to jailbreak or unlock your iPhone to add other features or carriers, but Apple will consider you an enemy and try to destroy your phone if you do that, so we don’t approve. For Windows Mobile, we only used features available in the US marketplace right now-though Windows Mobile 6.5 won’t change the landscape much. For Google Android, we used features publicly available on the G1, HTC Magic or Google Developer phones. And for Palm Pre, we guessed as best we could based on Palm’s public statements.
  • Yes, I left out Symbian. They’re just not a force in the US marketplace right now, and I’m a US writer. Maybe next year, guys.
  • This chart tries to steer clear of hardware features that may vary by phone model with the more prolific OSes
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    Some things I would note about the list:

  • BlackBerry applications are probably in a number range close to Windows Mobile. Since both platforms cater to enterprise, when a company develops for Windows Mobile it usually includes a BlackBerry port.
  • App World is coming soon so that will be added to BlackBerry’s column.
  • I would have compared BlackBerry on BES because it’s an enterprise device that should be used on said system.
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    10 Responses to “iPhone 3.0 vs Palm Pre vs BlackBerry vs Android vs WinMo”

    1. 1 Hype

      What a bunch of shit.

      “App World is coming soon so that will be added to BlackBerry’s column.”

      Half the features you have given to Apple as “having” are technically “coming soon” too, so why the fuck give them credit where credit is not due yet?

      And why is the Pre even on there as the whole phone is “coming soon”? Why are you bending the rules for others and not RIM?

      And I hope you know MobileMe comes with a subscription cost above and beyond carrier charges, and is not free like BIS for all BlackBerries.

    2. 2 The Z Man

      Based on your chart, they’re all pretty equal … on paper.

      It’s not necessarily that “this phone does the same thing as this phone” .. it’s more “this phone does the same thing BUT does it WAY better” that really determines which is a better device.

      I have an iPod Touch 2G and a BlackBerry Pearl. I use each for different functions because each one does do somethings better than the other.

      I’m a hands down BB believer / developer / addict and will use nothing but a BB for my phone. Hands down.

    3. 3 moog

      Why is “easy upgrades” not checked for BlackBerry? What’s easier than OTA upgrades?!?

    4. 4 Hype

      @ Moog

      or for that matter, easier than plugging it into BlackBerry Desktop Manager and having it auto-check and upgrade? No different than iTunes would do it, that’s for sure.

      It’s like Blackberrycool.com wanted to knock BlackBerry just to show they have some humility or something, but seriously, if they’re going to bend the rules for 2 or 3 of them on there apply the same bend for RIM.

      And I’m disappointed they credit Apple’s “universal search” which is strikingly similar to “Search” on BlackBerries, but because RIM doesn’t have such a bad way of clusterfucking icons on different pages, they don’t need to search by application, but everything else you can search by. (messages, calendars, contacts, memos, messenger and tasks) This was able to be done for years now, and RIM could easily add the few lacking search fields but it’s device wide and they can search.

    5. 5 Tim

      Why is the BB with BIS support listed for OTA Exchange sync? Who in their right mind would do that?! BIS support is for basic e-mail functions and with BES you can sync everything over the air with basically no efforts. Why is the iPhone listed as having full exchange support? I personally haven’t used one, but I doubt it fully supports exchange without a server plugin, maybe I’m wrong.

    6. 6 Bill

      Why does Hype have to swear so much to make his points?

    7. 7 Moose

      I think this list is pretty interesting actually. People talk their phones up so much, it’s nice to get it all on paper and look at which phones have/don’t have the features.

      Here’s some more info about the Palm Pre and iPhone battle:

    8. 8 Eyedol

      this look like an iphone lover post.

    9. 9 ryan

      Desktop Upgrades on the BB are a pain in the a*s

    10. 10 moog

      @ryan howso? I’ve never had an issue. Been a BB user for 7 years.

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