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Firmware update for Verizon BlackBerry Storm details


Verizon BB Storm

Verizon is releasing a new BlackBerry Storm firmware update soon. This will be the second official updates with version number from Verizon Wireless and RIM. Check out the incredibly long list of bug fixes after the jump.
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SaskTel customers can win a free BlackBerry



SaskTel is running a contest for its subscribers allowing them the chance to win a BlackBerry Curve 8330 (approximate value $499 each). All you have to do is text 43210 by April 30th and you will be entered into the draw.


Free 1 year beta test of travel notification service



A new service called ArrivedOK will let a list of people know when your flight has landed and you’ve “arrived OK.” The app will check for when your phone registers on the cellular towers when you turn it on after the flight and automatically send out SMS messages to your contact list.

In order to save you money when traveling internationally, the service will only send one text message to ArrivedOK which will then notify the people on your specified contact list.

Currently, ArrivedOK is offering a free one year beta test.

Go register here.

RIM makes “land grab” with consumer market despite small margins


RIM’s market is currently around 50% consumer and 50% enterprise. The shift has been a while coming and it has been helped by a series of aggressive ad campaigns, new software, and rolling out more consumer-friendly devices, such as the touch-screen Storm. The move has also proved successful due to RIM increasing its share of the smartphone market—up to 19.5 percent in the last three months of 2008, from 10.9 percent a year earlier.

Investors are weary due to the fact that these efforts to get the consumer market have taken a toll on RIM’s gross profit margins, which have shrunk to 40 percent, down from 50 percent in the last six months. It is also possible that these measures, in combination with other market factors, have helped knock RIM’s share price down a third from its July 2008 high of $147 per share.

Jim Balsillie is calling the strategy a “land grab” and that the company was looking for long-term gain with it. He said of their consumer push, “So we could have a sweeter margin for a couple of quarters and we might not torque the growth quite as much and then we will rue that for the next 20 years, that we gave up the key land for a little bit of interim gratification.”

In the end, investors are going to see RIM take not only a larger chunk of the consumer market, but also the enterprise market. Consumers are starting to see the BlackBerry as a status symbol that is a must-have mobile device. Enterprise simply can’t do without their push email and plethora of productivity apps with a simple and easy to use OS to boot. Expect these investors to say “sorry for doubting you Jim Dog” in the coming years.


What it’s like owning a BlackBerry in Nigeria


Nigeria mobile carriers

[The following is a letter from a BlackBerry Cool reader in Nigeria, writing about what it's like to own a BlackBerry in that part of the world.]

I couldn’t have written about BB in Nigeria without writing about the history of telecommunications in the country.

About 8 years ago, we only had about one hundred thousand wired lines for all of us. When I say “all of us”, I mean about one hundred and forty million people. In order to use a phone, we often had to wait in lines that could be as long as one thousand people.

Only one service provider, MTEL, which is a subsidiary of the national carrier NITEL, was offering mobile analogue (etac) in about four cities.

In 1999, licenses were given to three GSM operators: MTN Nigeria, V-Mobile and MTEL.The nation was about to witness a phenomenal change in telecommunications. A change in the way we communicate, a permanent change for the rest of our lives.
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Free Weather watching software for the BlackBerry Storm


weather eye touch

It seems like there are a ton of Weather Apps out there. I’ve been testing Weather Eye Touch Version You can sign up at the website in order to obtain an OTA link. After installation run the application.

Now you can set your preferences for primary city, language, temperature type, and toggle the Home Screen Icon on and off. The Icon for the application is kind of cool; it will show you the current temperature and conditions. My instance I’m sitting in Richmond, VA this week and its cloudy and around 48 degrees.

After you apply your settings the application starts you out on the current conditions. This will give you the wind, pressure, humidity, visibility, ceiling, sunrise, and sunset. However, in my case sunrise and sunset were set to N/A.

Another feature is the Short Term Forecast. It will sort of help you plan out the rest of your day. You can see what the forecast will be for the afternoon, evening and overnight. Maybe you had aspirations of grilling out on the deck, or catching a band out an outdoor pavilion, or possibly catching another band indoors. Pull up the short term forecast and see what Mother Nature has in store for you.
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