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(Rumor) BlackBerry to launch mobile TV episode service


BlackBerry video

Although not officially confirmed, it seems RIM is going to announce a full-episode television service for BlackBerry. The launch may come at CTIA but we’ve also heard App World will be announced and they may not want to take away the spotlight.

The new service is rumored to feature:

  • Unlimited monthly subscription service for a fee
  • Once a user orders a program, the content will be downloaded in the background over Wi-Fi
  • Multiple broadcast and cable networks have licensed content for the service

If the above comes true, I would be really interested to see what sort of content we can expect. Ideally, the service would start by offering the usual premium content that can be offered for free such as Comedy Central and Comedy Network shows.

Micro-payments can really help this service too. If I could pay $0.99 per episode of Lost or The Office, I would happily do so. Hopefully this service offers some content that really makes it worthwhile.



(Rumor) App World to launch at CTIA April 1st



RIM is expected to announce App World on April 1st at CTIA. Mike Lazaridis is slated to give a keynote which may contain the announcement.

App World will only be taking a 20% cut from developers whereas Apple takes 30%. App World is also shaping up to be a significant consumer portal and will help RIM secure its new founded growth in the consumer market. Enterprise will also take to the App World and we can expect many small to medium sized businesses picking up applications to help with productivity.


BlackBerry Storm software giveaway: 20 free copies of Fart Storm



I have been told that Fart Storm is the only Fart app that runs on all OS versions of the Storm including v4.7.0.75. We’re giving away 20 free copies of this app and all you have to do is comment your favorite BlackBerry Storm app.

Easy enough right? So comment away and get your free app!

For more information about Fart Storm, go here.
Price $2.99


Free GPS on-device mapping application for BlackBerry



TopoExplorer is a free GPS on-device mapping application for BlackBerry. Both the program and basic map pack are free and ready to download. With TopoExplorer you will discover your surroundings on topographic maps even in remote areas assisted by GPS and without the need of the wireless network connection.

Features include:

  • Offline Maps – No wireless network connection needed.
  • Shows GPS position in different coordinate systems.
  • Large map support from memory card.
  • Free map packs cover most areas already.
  • Detailed map packs for more detailed coverage.

To download TopoExplorer for FREE, go here.


Goldman Sachs backs RIM stock and shares rise


Shares of RIM rose after a Goldman Sachs analyst said she would buy the stock in advance of its fiscal fourth-quarter report, which is scheduled for April 2. Shares rose $1.89, or 4.6 percent, to $44.87 in afternoon trading.

In a note to clients, Goldman analyst Simona Jankowski kept her “Buy” rating and $57 price target for the stock, predicting RIM will meet fourth-quarter and first-quarter guidance – something she thinks will help its shares.

Although RIM has said that its fourth-quarter earnings will likely come in at the low end of its forecast range, which had called for 83 cents to 91 cents per share, the news will surely help shares regardless.

RIM is also predicting that revenue will be at or near the midpoint of its earlier projection, which was for $3.3 billion to $3.5 billion.

Goldman Sachs aren’t the only people backing RIM either. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters are expecting a profit of 85 cents per share on $3.42 billion in revenue.



Government bill could hurt smartphone industry and economy


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A recent article about BlackBerry security has highlighted a bill proposed by Liberal MP Marlene Jennings has me concerned for both RIM and other smartphone manufacturers in Canada. The bill will force internet and wireless providers to use technology that can be tapped.

This past winter, Jennings re-tabled a 2005 Liberal bill that would force wireless service providers to make their devices intercept-ready. The bill, the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act (MITA), had died when the 2006 election was called, but Jennings had re-introduced it as a private member’s bill once before, in 2007.

Univeristy of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist explains exactly why this bill frightens me. Legitimate customers might be reluctant to use mobile email devices if they knew their communications could be intercepted. Enterprise relies on secure data in order to protect their intellectual property and Marlene Jannings’ bill threatens this security.

“There’s obviously many businesses that are willing to use these devices because they’re comfortable with the security attached to them,” said Geist, who holds a Canada Research Chair of internet and e-commerce law.

If this bill also concerns you, you can contact Liberal MP Marlene Jennings through her site here.