Pandora Radio now available for BlackBerry

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Pandora has had a difficult time getting their app ported to various smartphones. I’m still not even sure if it’s ported to Windows Mobile. Regardless, the app works great on BlackBerry and with 3G there are no pauses or stutters. Sadly, the app is not available for the BlackBerry Storm. Also, Pandora Radio is not available to T-Mobile customers.

To download Pandora for your BlackBerry, go here.


15 Responses to “Pandora Radio now available for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 ThaWiz

    Wi-Fi support?

  2. 2 Josh Schairbaum

    Not for the Storm? What’s the point of doing the work on it then?

  3. 3 trudel

    I have a Curve 8320 on T-Mobile and it works great on my phone!

  4. 4 eddY2K

    Works great on my T-Mobile 8320 over wifi. Haven’t tested it on edge yet.

  5. 5 eddY2K

    Works great on my T-Mobile 8320 both edge and wifi. (Used radios independantly to verify). This program is not like the iheartradio app that will not install on T-Mo. It only seems to be interested in the BlackBerry model, and installed easily for me OTA

  6. 6 Jason

    I’m using a T-Mobile 8320 also. Seems to do pretty well on edge. The first song had a very minor pause but none since then. I’d tried Slacker before and found it slow and cumbersome to use. Pandora loads faster and a lot easier to start listening. It asks for an artist then creates a channel in the genre of that artist.

  7. 7 Nick

    I’m also running an 8320 on TMo and Pandora runs great on EDGE.

  8. 8 Nikolaus

    Wow looks like all these replies came from T-Mo customers even though the article erroneously said T-Mo was not supported. Also works great on my 8320, however not on the 8900. I hope we will see support for the 8900 ASAP!

  9. 9 Scrawny

    i was so excited there for a second, but i have the 8900!!! boo. i hope they come out with it soon.

  10. 10 Bradley

    I love… I started using because of the BlackBerry support… Dont know if I’ll go back since the app lets you “cache” the radio stations to the phone and not use the data connection. Much faster.. But, does seem to know what I like more than (Yes, I do have the membership and I did customize my radio stations.)

  11. 11 Ed

    Why did I drop all this money on a storm when it seems so many of these apps don’t work on it?

  12. 12 Caspan

    Canadian’s it wont work here so don’t bother downloading. Because of music rules/laws they cant stream music to Canada.

  13. 13 Dennis

    Hey can’t seem to get pandora to hook up w Mt bberry 8300 with Verizon any hints would help thanks

  14. 14 miket

    Never heard of Pandora until a T-M user’s forum mentioned we should kown load it to our BBs. Works pefectly past couple weeks on my 8320. Pandora says it should work on 8900 as well - will load it on wife’s 8900 shortly.
    Now that I know about pandora, got some speakers to plug into laptop. Also ordered a “box’ for the car that will pick up Pandora fm. the BB via BT and then “broadcast” to an unused FM freq. and play thru audio system.
    Does anyone know of a user’s forum for Pandora?

  15. 15 DD

    I have an 8130 with verizon and can get it to work. Message of “could not stream music. PLease check network availability. Anyone else have this or know the fix?

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