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This is a full review of BerryTweak, an app that lets you customize the settings on your device. When the app was first installed I opened it to make sure the install went as it was supposed to. Once I saw that I then closed the app, about 2 minutes later I received an email. As soon as the email was delivered to my inbox, the backlight of my screen lit up! Now this would normally not be a big deal. However I did not set the app up to do so yet, in fact I had not set the app up to do anything yet. This can only mean one thing the app came with some default settings. These default settings were nothing special, every option was turned on. Whether you want everything on is up to you, But it does not hurt to install the app open it once and never adjust anything. It can run straight out of the box just fine.

Here is a list of the features of the app:

  • Automatically lock screen/keyboard during calls.
  • Automatically dim backlight during calls.
  • Vibrate on call/answer.
  • Turn backlight and launch the message application on new mesaage.
  • Schedule power on/off individually for each day of the week.
  • Automatically turn connections off when the battery is low.
  • Schedule connections on/off individually for each day of the week.
  • Hourly chime between certain times.
  • Handy flashlight feature.
  • Set LED green when charging.
  • Set LED red when battery level is low.

  • First off I’d like to say that on the BlackBerry storm, The lock screen during calls feature works excellent. Much better than cell avent Talklock, And nearly as good as Storm Lock. The lock was instant as soon as you send/receive a call the screen is locked. The only feature I saw missing from this function was, once you deactivate the lock during a call to input numbers for let’s say a voicemail password, There is no way to then re-lock the screen. However there is one major drawback to this application but we will save that for last.

    The auto dim feature during calls works exactly how it should, almost instantly dimming the backlight and saving you precious battery life.

    The vibrate feature works great as well. As soon as you hit send or end there is a short burst vibration that lasts for maybe 1 second at the most.

    Now turning on the backlight and or launching on new message feature works ok. I thought that it would open the new message that just arrived, but it did not. Instead it only lit the backlight and then opened the messages folder. Not a big deal but something I would have done differently. But for the most part just lighting up the Backlight upon message received was a nice feature, something I missed from my old “dumb phone” and something I am happy to have back. Also this feature does NOT work with Instant messages another bummer.

    Scheduling power on/off feature was another thing I would have done a little different. Instead of turning the hand set completely off such as like with a battery pull, it put the phone into standby mode (like holding down the end button.) However it did do this as scheduled and then turned its self back on as scheduled. Now on my storm I have the ability to adjust this aswell, However with BerryTweak this feature is a bit more customizable. For example with BerryTweak you can set-up a daily profile, adjusting when to turn on and off for each day of the week something the storm lack’s nativley.

    Automatically turning connections on/off feature works as good as the scheduled power on/off feature. However I did notice one thing. Once the connection was turned off and I manually turned it back on. I looked at my signal meter about 1 minute later and the radio was shut off again. So I then turned the radio back on manually and this did not occur again.

    Turning off connections when battery is low is something the storm does do natively. And strangely even though this feature is in the description of BerryTweak I find it completely missing from the application. (strange) This might be a feature that is present in other versions of the application and not just the storm, I can not be sure because all I have is my storm to test this on.

    Hourly chime is a feature that I wanted to like a lot. If you work an hourly shift it would comes in pretty handy. You can adjust between what hours you want the chime to go off. For example if you work from 9am to 5pm you can set this up and each hour that passes by will be noted with a nice chime and or vibration. How ever when using the preview button for this feature the application froze up and eventually errored out. Thankfully it did not freeze the rest of my phone. After further review of this feature I find it not working at all. Which is a good sized let down.

    The flashlight feature was a nice touch but like most flashlight apps this can be mimicked by just turning on your backlight. However it did crank up the brightness level from my preset 10 to the maximum 100. One thing that I would really like to see for a flashlight app that each one lacks so far, Is using my ultra bright camera flash to do the lighting, It is a blindingly bright light and a nice feature to the storm.

    L.E.D. Green when charging works great. This is another feature that I have long missed from the “dumb phones” . But with this option set to on I did find it rather hard to use the phone for things such as reading and email or even just looking at the phone. The green light is really bright and im worried if you leave this feature on if you will cause damage to your eyes if you continue to use the phone. Perhaps if the would have to chosen to do this with the yellow L.E.D. It might have been a bit more bearable.

    L.E.D. Red when battery low works even better than the earlier mentioned Green L.E.D. Feature. It gives you the choice to adjust what battery level you wish the L.E.D to turn on at. All the way from 50% down to 10%. something I liked a lot.

    Some side notes about the scheduled task options of the application are that, once scheduled to occur, they all appear to occur nearly one minute ahead of schedule. Which is not a deal breaker or even a minor annoyance but something I thought was worth noting.

    Ok time for that major drawback I mentioned earlier. Once you have everything set-up and working the way you want it. If you do a battery pull or quickpull, the application does not start its self back up after the phone is booted. However all you have to do is open the app backup and bam all your settings are back to the way you had them.

    My closing thoughts on this app are this. Is it worth the price? I think $5 for all of the features that are included in this app is very much worth the price. However I would be hesitant to purchase this app because of some of the broken features noted earlier. Even though most of these are things a blackberry should do natively it still does not. Another plus side to this app is that all of the features/options are customizable you can set this thing up exactly how you want it. There are a few things that could have been done differently but for the most part the app does a pretty good job of doing what it is supposed to.

    Final verdict: I give this app 7 out of 10 stars.

    If the app would start itself upon phone reboot and, the backlight lit for instant messaging, and some of the features were not broken.

    It could have been a 10 out of 10.

    keep in mind I am using a BlackBerry Storm 9530 running a beta OS version .109. So you might see mixed results in your own experiences.

    To purchase BerryTweak, get the app here.
    Price: $4.95

    (Special thanks goes out to BlackBerry Cool community member John DeBusk for this review}

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