Use your BlackBerry Storm as a level or ruler

This is a full review of an app called Storm Level Pro, made by Mobigloo. The point of Storm Level Pro is to transform your Storm into a fully functioning level and/or ruler, by using its accelerometer for accuracy. Interesting, right? Let’s do the break down; features include:

  • Calibration for maximum accuracy.
  • Level for both vertical and horizontal measures.
  • Automatically adjusts to portrait and landscape modes.
  • Includes two rulers, inches and centimeters.
  • Upon the Storm Level Pro’s first touchdown, on the device, installation is noticeably easy and complete, without any additional setting changes. You are instantly prompted to calibrate your device, which is done by simply finding a perfectly flat and level surface (ie a wall) and pressing the “calibrate” button on the screen. Once calibrated, your device is ready to be used as a level and/or ruler.

    The Storm Level Pro doesn’t act unlike an actual spirit or bubble level. Once placed on a flat surface, the vial containing the “bubble” indicates whether or not the surface is level. If the surface is perfectly level, the “bubble” is at a dead center. There is also a degree display that numerically shows how many degrees your surface is off.

    Storm Level Pro also includes a ruler function. The ruler uses both centimeter and inches, on either side of the screen. They aren’t full rulers, of course, but they are accurate in the measurements they display. One can use the Level Pro horizontally and vertically, because the display uses the accelerometer to adapt to the surface you are using. The “bubble” and degree indicator flip, so that no extreme head-tilting is necessary. The rulers are the only things that remain stationary.

    All in all, I’d say that the Storm Level Pro is a good and useful app. However, nothing comes without its shortcomings. The convenience keys become a bit of an inconvenience, when using this app. They cause the device to teeter, giving you an inaccurate measurement of the surface. Another problem with this app is that the readings are not entirely accurate when it comes to precise measurements.

    With that being said, I would not recommend you use this app to build something substantial. However, if you’re hanging a picture frame and need to make sure it’s straight, you have the perfect tool. I give the Storm Level Pro 3 out of 5 stars, because the hardware slightly cripples the execution of the software. Love the idea, though!

    To purchase Storm Level Pro, go here.
    Price $4.99

    (Special thanks goes out to Tatyana for this great review of Storm Level Pro)

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