Viigo launches NHL stats and Twitter mashup

You may have seen Mark’s tweets over the past couple of days indicating that Viigo is coming out with some new gems for the Viigo hockey service. Well it’s official, the new features including comprehensive stats such as league points, goals, assists and shut out leaders, to name just a few, team rosters and player stats, team specific schedules and team specific scores and a few other nice to haves (including a feed for trade updates and an NHL Twitter mash up which should be cool on deadline day) are now available.

Stats: Get the leaders in points, goals, assists, wins, shut outs and much more with Viigo’s enhanced stats feature.

Team Rosters: Drill down on how the players on your favorite team and see how they on performing on the year.

Team Schedule: Know when the bitter rival is coming to town or when the dreaded road trip is about the start with team specific schedules.

Team Scores: See results for games played along with a recap of the contest in the new team specific score feature.

2 Responses to “Viigo launches NHL stats and Twitter mashup”

  1. 1 Boo Boo

    Wow, they have some bizarre priorities. NHL, really. I guess Canadians will be happy.

  2. 2 Matt

    Well Viigo is Canadian, just like RIM, so we are always happy if we can please our compatriots and it is the NHL trade deadline day today so it is timely. That said, this is a preview of what you will soon find across our sports channels, including baseball, basketball and football for Americans as well as Football (European soccer) and other sports for international audiences.

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