VZ Navigator vs. Telenav on the BlackBerry Storm

With most standalone GPS devices being of the touch screen variety, it is no surprise that the BlackBerry Storm is the perfect platform for a GPS program.  Historically, Verizon only offered VZ Navigator for it’s device, including the BlackBerry Storm.  As you may have seen from the video I shot during CES, Telenav has entered the arena with it’s own GPS application for the Storm.  We’ve decided that it would be a great idea to give you a quick comparison between VZ Nav vs Telenav on the Storm.


The first difference that you’ll notice between the mapping of the two programs is that VZ Navigator is 2D, similar to the old MapQuest maps and Telenav is 3D.  Although this isn’t a deal breaker, VZ Navigator should at least provide 3D maps as an option, as Telenav permits.  Additionally, moving the map on VZ Navigator with your finger requires the program to request data from the network which delays the loading of the map.  Telenav requires this as well, but it feels significantly faster, refreshing the map in only moments.


I felt that using VZ Navigator everything moved more slowly.  Although it’s a small detail, I found the spoken voice from Telenav much more agreeable than VZ Navigator’s default voice.  Additionally, when I was doing some usability testing in my home with the Storm, the Telenav application was able to capture the GPS signal while VZ Navigator was not.  I’m unsure how that’s possible, except that Telenav may require fewer satellites to work.  One place where VZ Navigator stands out is the ease in which you can choose between Car/Motorcycle, Truck, Bicycle and Pedestrian for Vehicle Type. Having this easily accessible makes it handy, especially when you used the navigation to park at a location but you are a few blocks away from your destination and you need to walk.  Telenav, I believe, permits this as well, but I struggled to find it.


Both Telenav and VZ Navigator have features that are quite helpful but aren’t found on both.  For example, in VZ Navigator, you can text someone your current GPS location from the application.  This is great if you and a friend are in a new part of town and are trying to get to that same sports bar.  In the meantime, if you’re running low on gas, you’d want to check out Telenav’s Gas by Price feature which, as the name suggests, offers you a list of gas stations by proximity and price.  EDIT - Thanks to Verizon Employee and The One, Gas by Price is available in the VZ Navigator via Local Search, and choose “gas stations/prices.”

Wrap Up

VZ Navigator and Telenav both fought a good fight.  In the end, the usability, speed and quality of Telenav’s maps won out over the small benefits that VZ Navigator provided.  Since both VZ Navigator and Telenav come in at the same price point, I can’t seem to find a reason to recommend VZ Navigator over Telenav.  It’ll certainly be interesting to see what VZ Navigator has in store for their next release and we at BlackBerry Cool look forward to the next battle between these two offerings.  Until then, we feel your money will best be spent with Telenav.  As always, I look forward to discussing this further with you in the comments!

20 Responses to “VZ Navigator vs. Telenav on the BlackBerry Storm”

  1. 1 Verizon Employee

    VZ Navigator offers gas price finder. If you go into local search and change it to gas stations/prices, it will find the least expensive gas prices in your area.

  2. 2 nick

    Actually with VZNav it will give you gas prices. Just type in the specific kind of gas you’re looking for. It’ll pull up distance and the price of regular. I guess it’s not exactly the same but I have used it! Good review though, it’s nice to know there are options.

  3. 3 Nan Palmero

    @Verizon Employee + @nick thank you both, I stand corrected!

  4. 4 The One

    ” Additionally, when I was doing some usability testing in my home with the Storm, the Telenav application was able to capture the GPS signal while VZ Navigator was not. ” This is an interesting statement, with the fact that Telenav doesn’t use AGPS on the Storm, whereas VZ Navigator does, so technically speaking, your results should have been the direct opposite. I’ve used both, and gotten the exact opposite results as you, with VZ Nav working inside of my home and other buildings because of agps, and Telenav not, because it doesn’t have AGPS.

  5. 5 Verizon Employee

    @The One: I agree-and I would have to ask BlackBerryCool to verify the results, as VZNavigator typically gets a location fix anywhere (even with no windows) as long as I have a cell signal-Telenav only works with a clear sky view for me. Perhaps the test results were off because you attempted to use both applications simultaneously?

  6. 6 Lee

    How about doing a comparison of VZ Navigator and the Garmin product that is available for use on the Blackberry Storm and Verizon network?

  7. 7 Nan Palmero

    @The One @Verizon Employee I’m not quite sure why that happened. I even went outside to test the results again (waiting about 10 minutes or so) with open skies. Same issue occurred. Off the top of my head, I believe the error code for VZ Navigator was 1131 (these numbers are from memory, so they might be a little off).

  8. 8 Nan Palmero

    @The One, @ Verizon Employee any other ideas I should try to see if it works?

  9. 9 The One

    “Telenav’s Gas by Price feature which, as the name suggests, offers you a list of gas stations by proximity and price. Both are handy features not found on the other application.” This is also not the case. VZ Navigator also has a gas by proximity and price option. I use this all of the time.

  10. 10 The One

    IN VZ Nav go to:Local Search, and choose “gas stations/prices” for the categories.

  11. 11 The One

    @Nan Palmero, I’m not sure about that issue, as I don’t experience that. I am also not familiar with that error code. Did you try removing the battery and replacing it ad trying it again?

  12. 12 Nan Palmero

    @The One got the feedback on the gas from @Verizon Employee. :) I didn’t think there was an error on the device due to Telenav working, so I’ll give the battery pull a shot! Thanks for the feedback!

  13. 13 Nan Palmero

    @Verizon Employee + @The One, I updated the post and credited you both regarding the gas by price discrepancy. Thanks for the info!

  14. 14 The One

    @Nan Palmero, No problem, but I echo what VE said, it’s good that you’re letting everyone know that there are options out there. When I tried Telenav on my storm, they had a free 30 day trial which was great. I believe VZ Nav has the same trial, if not longer too.

  15. 15 Nan Palmero

    @The One. Glad to distribute the info. What made you choose VZ Navigator over Telenav, out of curiosity?

  16. 16 The One

    @Nan Palmero,

    Well 3 things. First, I found that I couldn’t use Telenav indoors the way I can with VZNavigator because telenav doesn’t use AGPS, whereas VZ Navigator does.(I called Telenav to confirm this). And secondly, I found, when using the 2 services on the highway, VZ Navigator was more accurate with telling me which exits to use. For example, I was supposed to get off at Peachtree Industrial South, as opposed to Peachtree Industrial North exit, VZ Navigator would tell me this specifically. Telenav would only say, “Peachtree Industrial”. That messed me up one time, and when I called Telenav about it, they just told me that they are “working on it”. And last, Many places that I looked up in telenav had the wrong phone numbers listed, or just partial numbers, and telenav told me that it’s a “known issue”. I will admit, that telenav is nice, but with those 3 things, and the fact that VZ Nav does just about everything that telenav does, plus the ability to send/recv gps locations via sms, I couldn’t see any reason to go with Telenav.

  17. 17 Nan Palmero

    Great feedback, @The One! Thank you for your insights. I hadn’t experienced those issues, but as we all know, data for different parts of the country differs (just like different carriers work better in certain locations of the country). If I had the same experience, I would have felt the same as you.

  18. 18 Josh

    I tried TeleNav. It was ok. But I took it off. Guess what happened??? It caused my phone to crash. I had to get a new phone…

    Sticking with the VZNav fo sho

  19. 19 Paul

    it would be nice to also here a comparison with the Wisepilot application that LG mobile just selected. I have used it for year on Blackberry and I have seen that they have released Storm support. On my 9000 I found it much better then the VZ, teleNav I have not tested.

    there is a 5 day trial available on http://www.wisepilot.com/ota from your mobile

  20. 20 Mark

    Your review left off the VZNav’s local events, movie times and weather which Telenav does not currently offer. VZNav also has a 3D option.

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