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A while back we ran an article that asked “Do you need help with your Blackberry?” We had a good response to that question and so now we’re going to give you the opportunity to “ask away”!

To get your BlackBerry question answered, just leave it in the comments.

Weekly I will be picking some questions and we’ll address them every Friday. There is no question too big or small. So what are you waiting for? Ask away!

  • Amazingbramley

    i can receive and make call but they never make any sound how should i fix this ?

  • jade

    the middle button on my blackberry wont let me scroll onto anything,what will i do?!

  • Poptoosad

    hi there
    iam a new user from syria
    i have 2 point
    frst: how can i activate my bb , my country dont support this service? for example on line
    i delete some system files from my bb by wrong, i think its a virus from my PC, so how i can  restore missing files
       thank u a looooot
    u r the best

  • Natalyarose

    i have a theme and it doesnt work and wont let me click on options to change it, help?

  • george

    my cousin gave me his old blackberry, and he bought a new one, will his freinds still have his old pin? or will it get deleted from his friends contact list automatically? and have his old pin saved automatically on their phone, coz i dont want his friends bbm me

  • Omarashrf_

    my bb 9800 doesnt make a sound when i get a text or bbm although i put it on normal what’s the problem and what should i do ?

  • Milangrewal

    Hey! I use airtel connection for my blackberry bold 9780. I used to use
    internet over wifi but lately the data usage is costing me a lot. I dont
    want it to cost me anything and I just want to use internet while I am
    on wifi. My phone does not pick wifi instead keeps charging me money. I
    dont have any data plan and still I can browse or whenever I receive a
    whatsapp message I am charged. Help?

  • Geoff Hovland

    How do I increase number of rings of my Torch

  • Amyj

    How do I council my blackberry software from updating it has stopped on 17% and will not let me use my phone

  • Laurielmercer

    Hello Joe!
    I have a Blackberry Torch 8 months now, and Im satisfied with how much better it is than a Curve.  My problem is I do alot of email business and it wears my battery down which makes me have to charge it several times a day.  Because of that my connector port is loose and wont connect to charge.  US Cellular claims Blackberry wont cover it in a replacement phone exchange because they consider it wear and tear.  I replaced the Curve for the roller ball malfunctioning.  Any advice?

  • Laurie L mercer

    Im getting a new Blackberry Torch and want to make sure I dont loose any information, pictures, media, contacts that I have stored.  How and what can I use to guarantee I dont and can retain a copy? 

  • Kateclewes_g

    I have just received my first blackberry.  its a 9900.  I cant get the 3G signal off the top right hand corner.  I usually pick up my own wireless signal and o2 have told me I pay for 3G, how do I remove it? I tried going into the settings but there is nothing there with regards to 3G

  • Faylouise xo

    Hey.. errm, well basiclly my friend has got a blackberry today, and I tried adding her on blackberry messenger but it didnt come through on her phone.. So she tried adding me, but that didnt come through either! Is there anything i can do, its annoying?

  • Stevewassell

    Steve W

    I need to change my faulty Bold for a new unit, will all of my contact names, numbers etc automatically be transferred to the new unit?

  • Orsiela

    Somebody please help! I have got problems with my phone. I have a Blackberry, but this suspicious problem does not only occur on my phone.It also occurs on somebody else’s phone who does not have a Blackberry (he (let’s say his name is Jack) is one of the contacts on my phone contact list):1)SMS’s I send to Jack, and he sends to me will mysteriously disappear of his phone and my phone, without us manually deleting it!2)Jack’s telephone number will disappear of my phone, and mine of his phone – again, without us physically doing it!3)Most of the times when a certain person calls us or we call him (let’s say his name is Ben), our call log showing any incoming or outgoing calls will only update hours later.4)My son sometimes gets my phone calls without me diverting my phone calls to his phone, and then it will just ‘correct’ itself afterwards.5)The settings on my Facebook account changes without me physically doing so.6)Sometimes, when I want to make a phone call to Jack or send him a text message, I just cant get through, but if I dial any other number or send a text message to any other number there is no problem.7)The background light of my phone lights up despite of me touching it for hours.8)The little arrows on the top right on my phone’s screen shows that I am ‘connecting’ or communicating with something, despite of me doing so.9)My children (also Blackberry phones) will call me to tell me that there are notifications on their phone’s screen (happened to me too), that they cant open: A yellow earth sign with the number “1” next to it.10)When I go into my event log (alt lglg), it shows activity that I have not done!11) A fraction of a second before my phone starts ringing and the incoming call’s name/number appears on my phone’s screen; “Private. Number” or Ben’s number appears on my phone’s screen.Please help!Ursila

  • Tfox Esf

    My daughters 9800 will not allow the camera to work (saying media full), when in fact it is empty) and gives a message stating a problem that requires fixing . When i proceed to click the fix it button it states unable to repair. There is NO media card fitted to the phone, but same problem when one fitted.

  • Bongek

    why can i click anything when i surf the internet at the browser? as an example, when i enter google, i can’t click search.

  • Sprite

    I have allocated birthdays and anniversaries to many of my contacts but then the alert sounds at 11.45 the evening before. Really annoying when you are fast asleep! Is there a way to set it that the alarm sounds at a reasonable hour on the morning of the actual date – like at 7am?

  • peter lort

    i took a video on holiday tried to play it but mssg says unsupported format

  • theresa

    Hi! Okay so me and my mom have blackberrys, she has a blackberry torch and i have a blackberry bold 9780. We have had these phones since December of 2010! My mom always charges her phone everynight and then takes it out in the morning and does the same thing everyday! But about a month ago i lost my phone charger so ive had to use my moms blackberry charger since then! So about 2 weeks ago my moms blackberry died on her when it was done completely charging after she played only 1 song on her phone. She thought nothing about it but now ever since it started about two weeks ago it keeps happening! She cant even go half an hour on her phone when it is completely charged without it dying completley on her! And now she cant even charge it completely anymore! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN ALL OF A SUDDEN? DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH ME AND MY MOM SHARING THE CHARGER?! PLEASE HELPP! Thank you so much! <3

  • a7xlover

    My blackberry curve will power up but it then won’t let me access any thing else it will just stay locked how can i gt it to work normally again?

  • sher

    how do i remove the battery icon from my notification scream on the torch 9800?

  • Jim Hodge

    Txt message icon has moved away from main screen and only accessed using search. How do i get it back.

  • Jemila Diala

    I get this error when I try to download facebook. “Facebook: Research In Motion Limited” contains a module named “net_rim_bb_facebook_lib”. A module with that name already exists. If you proceed the existing module will be replaced. Proceed?”. And then when I click replace, it fails with Error 907 Invalid? COD. What to do?


    Why we should scroll received BBM messages all way up where it’s
    simply that RIM should correct this issue by making any received BBM message
    starts at the beginning instead at the end…how can you help RIM solving this,
    cuse they are not hearing me!!!

  • Ahmed Ali

    My BB 8520 isn’t being charged having connected with a travel charger
    It shows charging icon but few hours later it shows same battery level

  • TE

    Can you please tell me if bbm is free of charge when used in Zanzibar?

  • Libby

    I’ve deleted my mate off bbm and can’t get his pin anywhere can I retreve it from a picture that he has sent me? Plz help

  • Sharon

    I can’t sync music, videos, or pictures in my Blackberry 9800. It says the syncing was successful but when I detach it from my PC, It’s not there. Can anybody tell me how to do this?

  • GillaB1209

    I downloaded the new blackberry messenger that’s supposed to connect with WIFI but I’m not able to connect it with wifi… Is does someone know how to connect it with wifi???


    hi dear while synchronise any free item from bb app world i cant synchronise 3 or 4 items a day after getting 1 item it says that please check your settings to disable contents.
    please tell me how to fix it

  • indri

    one crazy man always sent me messages over 6.000 pcs everyday, we ever become fren, then i remove him. Since 3 days ago he always sent me messages, those messages really disturb me. How blocking those messages? so not showed up again in my device? thanks before for answer..

  • Ricky Woods

    I was told to change my gmail password after a hacking scare. I did this, but then BB informed me that my emails were no longer going to my BB. I was told to verify my password. When I did this – with the new password – BB told me it was invalid. I deleted the email address and tried to re-install it. Each time it failed. If I try to go in through the Help menu, I am told that the password is invalid and that I should let gmail know?? help.

  • samantha rostron

    i have a blackberry curve that i bought and i dont know the password for the blackberry app world. how do i reset t so i can start up a new one?

  • lorraine

    i have a black berry bold 9700, i over donwload applications without knowing it was save on my phone my phone wont display homescreen and other apps.what should i do?this is lorraine

  • Don

    my wife updated blackbrry curve now she cant open anything.she just gets module net rim bis not found,computer does not recognize it and verizon says there is nothing they can do .

  • yumna

    hi i would like to know i downloaded the different fonts app on my bb 9830 how do i get my viewers or friends to see this font

  • niamh

    hi i recently bought a blackberry curve 8520 and i changed a sms setting which allows my sms to pop up at the bottom of the screen and i forget how i changed it..please help?

  • Cara

    Heey, well my blackberry curve 9320 wont work, I went to the shop and they gave me a new battery, a couple of days later it has stopped working again, I plug my charger in and it comes up with the red rebooting light, but then It comes up with the blackberry loading screen for a few seconds, but then it comes up with a battery and a red cross and ive tried charging it for hours and it doesn’t do anything, do I leave it on longer? or what because I don’t now what else to do? Help me please? x

  • Syeda Rabia

    Hi. I had created BB id for my BB curve 9320. By mistake the username has been deleted from the option given by blackberry service while creating ID. Now am unable to login, i have recreated the ID from desktop for the same email address. whenever i try to login the ID from my cell, it is asking me to enter the username(email address) associated with this smartphone. Kindly help me to the earliest. Am unable access my id from my smartphone.

  • salma

    hello , my blackberry torch 9860 closed suddenly then when i opened it , it freezes during rebooting after loading about 3/4 from the white bar , please i want to know how can i fix it

  • salma

    hello , my blackberry torch 9860 closed suddenly then when i opened it , it freezes during rebooting after loading about 3/4 from the white bar , please i want to know how can i fix it

  • megan

    hi what is the realise date for bbm on andriod thankyou

  • nelly

    pls i cant send or recieve messages on my bb tour. what do i do

  • Pete-za

    Hi I have a blackberry 9320. I have a problem regarding my blackberry id. you see there were problems with my initial blackberry email address and so I had to delete it. what I didn’t realise is that my bbid was synced to it and now I have problem because I’ve forgotten the bbid password and no longer have the email address for the password reset.. im also at 8/10 attempts for my bbid (im both afraid and curious as to what may happen if I exceed my attempts. would like to know what happens if you can explain). can you help me ? my email address (that im currently using on the bb) is

  • Buckler

    Ma cousin gave me ha blackberry torch two and I cannot remove ha own blackkberry id and login my own id

  • jimcuurie

    I have a Z10 and it keeps saying that I have a voice mail, but when I access my voice mail there is nothing there

  • Sankalp Kochhar

    Sir, actually I bought my BlackBerry z10 from dubai and right now m living in India and I have some issues in my phone so and it’s in warranty period so what should I do to get free service here please reply asap….