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A while back we ran an article that asked “Do you need help with your Blackberry?” We had a good response to that question and so now we’re going to give you the opportunity to “ask away”!

To get your BlackBerry question answered, just leave it in the comments.

Weekly I will be picking some questions and we’ll address them every Friday. There is no question too big or small. So what are you waiting for? Ask away!

  • Leanne

     i have no option to send or recive via bluetooth in my options menu … any reason y?

  • Leanne

     i have no option to send or recive via bluetooth in my options menu … any reason y?

  • guest

    my blackberry came without games how can i get the original games of my blackberry to appear

  • yaf

    I want to but the blackberry curve 3g 9330 from ebay, it is from america but will it work in the uk

  • M.French

    i need serious help, my blackberry is saying reset software 315 and i don’t know what to do, any ideas?

  • Coreywillz96

    I have put an password on 2 my blackberrry9300 and know i cant rememberit so, how do i get back on to my blackberry. M

  • vishal

    hey, for some reason my text msg icon went away from my apps. now i can open my txt msgs because the folder is gone and i have no history or anything. how do i get the icon back?

  • vishal

    please help!!

  • Victor

    i’m trying to get games from app world  on my blackberry playbook but when ever i want to get a game it says your blackberry ID is valid when it’s not

  • Diane Stanley

    i just got a replacement bb curve & copied my sim contacts to the device & now cannot find them, plz help me recover them

  • Bidisha89

    i bought a bold 4,suddenly now the screen light is switching off while i make calls.till d time i dnt press speaker none of the buttons gts d light back ..wht shld i do???

  • dan

    ive downloaded a theme and it wont save xD pls HELP

  • luke

    i have recently brought a new battery for my blackberry curve, i have tried to charge it through usb, car charger wall socket. but it still wont charge. i think its the usb port, but will i be able to fix it or will i have to buy a new blackberry?

  • Ballingstill

    when i connect my BB 9000 to computer it can’t open my pics.. The computers keeps showing some text like the pics are rim… pls can someone help me out .thanks?

  • Ballingstill

    My BB bold 9000 browser doesn’t work again, i get a message like..Your device does not haveany browser configuration service book entries.. Pls what do i do ?

  • Sophyb_14

    my bb 8520 keeps deleting my messages with out me doing so, how can i stop this from happening??

  • Cfife

    I just got a new BB bold (i had a curve). all my info was transferred but lost my free complimentary BB apps

  • Beard622

    how do you play all your songs in one go  bb curve as it only plays one song then stops

  • Denisedair

    I have a blackberry curve and have managed to hide my contacts by mistake,how do i get them back?

  • Jasmine

    I tried to download the new version of bbm off of appworld for my blackberry, later on (after the download was completed) it ran out of power and shut off, when I plugged it in and turned to back on, both appworld and bbm were gone. I can’t find the buttons for them anywhere and I’ve stopped getting notifications for bbm. Please help!

  • Franceskimmorente

    Hi, I am having a problem with BEBUZZ (FREE).. I upgraded my BEBUZZ to 5.0.24. I already did the customization but still it doesn’t apply to the SMS LED..

  • Franceskimmorente

    Hi, I am having a problem with BEBUZZ (FREE).. I upgraded my BEBUZZ to 5.0.24. I already did the customization but still it doesn’t apply to the SMS LED..

  • Raja_noman2009

    hi,i cant play video on youtube on my blacberry curve 8900

  • Chromeyellow

    I have a BB Bold 9000, although I have no calls pending, the icon is saying I have one to read. when I open it up there is nothing waiting to be read?

  • Jokyere44

    how do i get my contacts from my sim to show on my blackberry 9530.i have tried so many things and they all seem not to work.somebody please help me.

  • Shazii_1988

    How can I stop my curve 8520 from vibrating when some1 answers there phone to me ??

  • Omega7007

    Think I just lost all my data when changing my password…. Please help ?

  • Lj Houghton

    Help – suddenly I cannot open my text messages or email.  I think I’ve accidentally changed a setting (?)

  • Onyb321

    I just got a blackberry bold and when I out my sim card in and turned it on noting happened so I tryed charging it when I plugged in the charter the red led came on and the screen had an image of a battery with an x through it so I left it to charge over night it still had that scree so I tryed without the sim card it did the same I have clicked every last button and it still won’t do anything!!! Please help cus I now have no phone:(

  • Tan

    i want to download apps on my Blackberry RIM 9900 but it wont let me download themes and i’ve been trying to download Uk Driving Theory Test and it keeps saying that the app is unavailable for my device. So what can i do to get the apps?

  • Gopichandu Yanda

    An error has occurred communicating with the BlackBerry App World Web plugin. Please restart your device and try again. If you have content protection enabled on your device, please disable and try again. is been showed evertime im trying to download the plugin ….how can i disable my content protection

  • danny

    hi i was  thinking of getting my friend in dubai a blackberry and was wondering if i get her an unlocked blackberry can she still use the bbm service she has had a blackberry befor and i think she still uses the sim for her blackberry in another phone any info on this  would be great

  • sp

    i have a bb curve 8520 . it fell in water n nw its nt working ofcrse….. are there any chances of it getting repaired?????? n if it does get repaired then vl it wrk like before??? pl help…….

  • Dannieholmes

    my blackberry curve 9300 wont recieve texts or calls and wont let me send any texts or calls but says i am connected to my sim card?

  • Ailishomalley

    how do i set up colour  id  for my black ery 

  • Ailishomalley

    plz help i cant set up my colour id  for my black berry 

  • Jonra

    if the blackberry just dies but the battery still works in other phones does that mean the blackberry itself is just ruined? and is there anyway that i can retrieve my memos..? I do not have software for it and never used it on the computer so i couldnt have anything saved on shows no signs of life and the computer doesnt seem to read it..if you could help me solve my problem that would be great thank you!

  • achap

    why i cant open options menu, network and connections menu? always have verification error… i need help! please.. aku want to change my line to 3G line also sometimes but it cant.. please

  • rubiredrush

     i was using the crunch sms app before then suddenly i accidentally deleted it and now i cant find  the messages i am receiving, please help me to fix it. thanks!

  • Ccgagne

    On a bb 9630 what is the best way to erase all contacts on that phone

  • Me Angel

    my blackberry curve(a very old model)is saying that I cant send texts cos my radio is off.It was all ok till I began mucking about with wi-fi setup.How do I switch radio back on please?

  • Rdmoseley

    on a BlackBerry flip phone – does leaving the flip up(open) run the battery down

  • Chris Westwood321

    why doesn’t my blackberry curve 9300 know that a media card is in place. I’ve tried buying a new media card, looking for information on the internet and asking my friends who have blackberry’s. 

  • Isidoreruben

    i have a bb8520 i want to text but i am not getting any option because i move the instruction i mean like when i go to sms to compose the message i can’t find the option

  • Meffess

    can i get the ‘draw something’ app for my curve 9300? or on any blackberry? i played it on my friends phone and its ace!

  • Hani729

    How do i send a video without it being to big Over BBM

  • Goldberg Saul

    Like everyone else, I have some personal texts (and emails) that I would like to delete permanently beyond recovery. Is there any way to permanently erase the delete box or does it stay forever even after you press the delete button ?

  • Gmorgan23

    Where on my blackberry bold 9700 do i set my phone on ‘airplane mode’?

  • Allen Bothma


    Can anyone please tell me why my “free” SKY radio connection has been suspended….something about a Expired Cert Chain / Stale Chain Status .

    Your assistance is much appreciated
    Allen Bothma

  • Cmccreesh

    phone freeses when I turn it on but i can see the screen showing all my notifactions and messages how can i fix it?