Free BlackBerry Bible reader download to celebrate Easter

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I recently spoke with Bobby Gruenewald, an avid BlackBerry user, entrepreneur and pastor at LifeChurch.TV. He contacted me about a free Bible App for BlackBerry that is surprisingly rich given that it’s free.

The app launched last December and is soon to be in RIM’s App World. Until then, you can get the app from them OTA.

Download a free copy of Bible App for BlackBerry.

  • Dedy
    I need Bible Application for Blackberry Gemini and Blackberry Bold
  • Chuck
    Any way to download this app via PC w/USB cable, e.g., not over-the-air?
  • jeanwill
    Ok, so how do I turn the compatibility mode off...? I looked through my options on my BB Storm. I did load the 9000 to my BB Storm and the app caused the bbstorm to have some glitch issues after the upload.

  • Dean
    Any idea when YouVersion will be available for the Blackberry Storm?
  • jeanett
    Where is the compatibility mode in bb Storm or the sw?...ty
  • jeanett
    When will u have a version for the storm. The latest to download is bb Bold. I tried downloading
    The bb Bold and it didn't line up very well with my storm...ty and God bless You for spreading the
  • Tre Lawrence
    Some folks have been using it on Storms... something to do with compatibility mode. Try turning compatibility mode off. It should work...
  • gerald Lonsway
    Anxious to see the KJV download
    Very compact and there when you need it
    Have been looking for this application for
    Some time. Yours truly. G. L.
  • David
    What version should be ok to use for 8900?
    It isn't one of the listed models.. would the bold one function ok on the 8900?
  • Adam
    I would very much like this to be available to the Storm as well!! LifeChurch is great, I watch the videocast every week from there.
  • Tom E.
    Thanks for this application. I plan to use the daily reader to read through the Bible in a year. What a great way to have easy Bible access always with you.
  • Chele
    I would really like to have this app but it doesnt appear to be available for the storm. Will there be a free version for the storm available soon?
  • Sam - Cellf Services
    Absolutely incredible app! Thank you to Bobby, BBCool, and the rest of

    Great work!
  • Bobby Gruenewald
    Eric, the app should be just under 200k.

    Queen4111 - sorry, but we don't have a version for the storm yet, but i've heard of some that have been able to get the bold 9000 version to work on a storm.
  • Queen4111
    Does this app support the VZW BB Storm 9530?
  • eric shotwell
    Sure wish whoever posts software announcements and reviews would indicate the size of the apps when posting. That's often a critical determinant of whether I install an app, since my BB 8830 is memory-impaired.
  • Randy
    Thanks Bobby!! Great App
  • Bobby Gruenewald

    There will be the ability in the future to download some versions for "offline" use, but I don't know specifically which versions will be available.
  • Nan Palmero
    Kyle, this is an amazing app. I use it daily, great work on posting this!
  • Randy
    Will you be able to download the version you want (like NIV) to the Blackberry without having to be online?
  • Terry Storch
    Kyle, thanks for the post and the kind words about our Blackberry Bible App. We are passionate about enhancing Scripture engagement via the Blackberry platform and mobile in general. We have the same App for the iPhone and have over 1 million unique users who have used their phones to read the Bible for over 400 million minutes since the App Store launched last July. We hope to see similar results with the Blackberry Bible App now that RIM has launched App World for the Blackberry.

    Again, thanks for the post and have a great Easter!
  • Tre Lawrence
    I absolutely love this app, and it is a huge part of my daily life. You are right; it is shockingly rich for a free offering.

    It has proven to be quite popular amongst BlackBerry owners that I know.

    If I may, please allow me to post a review I did earlier:
  • Bobby Gruenewald
    Thanks Kyle! And Happy Easter to everyone. We plan to add many new feature to the app this year...and it will of course remain free.
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