How to set up your new unlocked BlackBerry (ASK JOE)



“I got a Curve 8900 from T-Mobile and have it unlocked for use on AT&T. Now what… Is there a good answer. I am reading everything from just put in SIM, download generic service books, wipe device, download OS delete vendor file. Please help.”

You have got it down, that’s exactly what you do. But you may also want to configure your APN to work with AT&T’s network.

Options> Advanced Options> TCP/IP. APN should say APN: wap.cingular Username:WAP@CINGULARGPS.COM Password: CINGULAR1

Something else that may make life easier is AT&T had begun sending out its own carrier specific service books for the 8900, so you may be able to bypass all the headache of manually setting up your T-Mobile Branded 8900 for use on AT&T’s network!

Thanks for the question Mike.


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  • Texashard68

    Just unlocked my blackberry bold 9930 and put in a tmobile sim card, but it still gives me a verizon message when I try to use it. What can I do?

  • CT

    Hey Joe, have an unlocked torch. Can’t seem to connect to version network. Shows AT&T and T-mobile networks. How do you change the TCP/IP to recognize version. Thanks, CT

  • Perla Payero

    Hi joe. I just got a blackberry torch 9800. I got it unlocked. I put the tmobile SIM card in it. And now I don’t know why I can’t access my email, I can’t save pictures, or videos. I did call tmobile to set it up has a blackberry, and since then I’m only daily trying to figure out my phone. Please help.