How to set up your new unlocked BlackBerry (ASK JOE)



“I got a Curve 8900 from T-Mobile and have it unlocked for use on AT&T. Now what… Is there a good answer. I am reading everything from just put in SIM, download generic service books, wipe device, download OS delete vendor file. Please help.”

You have got it down, that’s exactly what you do. But you may also want to configure your APN to work with AT&T’s network.

Options> Advanced Options> TCP/IP. APN should say APN: wap.cingular Username:WAP@CINGULARGPS.COM Password: CINGULAR1

Something else that may make life easier is AT&T had begun sending out its own carrier specific service books for the 8900, so you may be able to bypass all the headache of manually setting up your T-Mobile Branded 8900 for use on AT&T’s network!

Thanks for the question Mike.


(If you have a BlackBerry question, leave it for me in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it.)

  • tnt_nan111

    i am getting a blackberry bold 9700 and want to know how to secure it …am new at this but dont want my data, identity or anything hacked into

  • Stephanie


    thank you thank you thank you :)

  • Raul

    i'm trying to configure my t-mobile 8700 to work with boost mobile. what steps should i follow?

  • C MC


  • C MC


  • Lindsey

    Hi there i just bought a blackberry curve from at&t and i have plan with bell i went into the store and the coulf not put the sim card in it wasnt working
    the phone is unlocked but it wont work do i have to do anything else to it i am so confused.

  • lillyd


    i unlocked a t-mobile blackberry and am trying to use an 02 sim! i have tried registering it on BIS but its not having any of it! the email and internet is not working. i took it to th 02 shop and they said there is nothing they can do about it!

    can you help??

    thanks x

  • dave

    hi i have a unlocked tmobile blackberry 8900 so now its at&t but how do you get it to have pic messaging and web?

  • fabrizio33

    Hi there did you manage to resolve this issue I'm having the same.Would be greatfull for some help

  • fabrizio33

    Hei Melanie, any chance that you manage to resolve this issue? I'm having the exact same thing and could do with some help… also, can you use blackberry messenger?
    Thank you so much

  • fabrizio33

    Hi there did you manage to resolve this issue I'm having the same.Would be greatfull for some help

  • fabrizio33

    Hei Melanie, any chance that you manage to resolve this issue? I'm having the exact same thing and could do with some help… also, can you use blackberry messenger?
    Thank you so much

  • Flsummabreeze

    Did you find a fix for the email and picture mail? I have the same problem with my unlocked bbs on the at&t network…

  • Hojoucla

    I'm looking for the same answer for the BOLD 9700

  • Raf

    i just got a blackberry 9630 unlocked from verizon, trying to use it with tmobile and everything works except it wont let me make calls

  • Bobby0525

    How do I get a Blackberry 9630 from Verizon flashed to Boost Mobile so it will work. I already have the phone unlocked. Please help me cause this old Motorola i465 works only half the time. Thanks

  • Opie13878


  • Kingbatessr

    i have a verizon blackberry 9630 and its already been unlocked to use att and t-mobile but i want it to work for boost mobile i in need to know how to set up the information in the settings can you help me

  • Jazznaround

    I have a unlocked 9530. I can only send and receive messages on it. I am using At&t. When I try to make a call, it says congested and I have no browser settings. Please help, I am a newbie to this.

  • Triple-k 80

    I changed the APN address but the browser is still not working. I have also completed the forum on about changing the att service books and what not to configure the browser but it is still not working.

  • Angellie_cute

    hi joe, iam julie…i have w9630 and can not used the internet and can not upload settings for etc,..what can i di to fix it..

  • LM

    I have a blackberry curve I bought off ebay and I have a data plan and everything. I want to set up my email…but it will not let me. It says there is already one set up for the device. I cannot log into the BIS for att since I don't have the information.
    I have wiped it clean and it still didn't let me set up my own email.

    Is there anyway for me to fix this? Or will I have to go into a att store?
    Thanks very much

  • tobie

    I have a unlocked T-mobile blackberry curve 8900. I have been trying to put in an AT&T sim card but the signal keeps bouncing on and off. I have taken the phone to AT&T but they couldnt give me a solution for it. What am I supposed to do? Do I have to set up anything personally? Please help me. I appreciate it.

  • Calstlrams

    How do I get email to work going from at& t to tmobile.

  • Katherineabalus17

    hi i have an ulocked 9560 and im with Rogers wireless (go to school in Canada) and my BBM doesn’t work, also the Service book only carries the Wi-Fi Browser Config stuff…… it makes call and txts fine but internet andBBM is pretty wacked….. pls HELP!!!!!

  • maria

    i have a blackberry storm 9530 from verizon and i wanna use my pre paid go phone sim card in it and i cant figure it out its locked and everything plz help thanks

  • maria

    i ment the phone is unlocked!

  • maria

    i ment the phone is unlocked!

  • Krazed Kidz

    Okay I flashed my blackberry storm 2 to cricket today but everything works fine except it wont let me send any messages it did like a hour before but now it wont let me

  • Andi

    I caught your posting while researching the issue that I have. I have BB Storm 9530 originally on Verizon network and flashed it for Cricket. I am able to do SMS, MMS, Internet, Phone. I have 2 issues right now:

    1. Recently I put a data plan on my Cricket services and I am able to start accessing Blackberry App World and other third party app, but there is a catch. The data services only work for about 1 hour and died. To fix the issue I have to pull battery out but the data services is gone again after about 1 hour and the process repeats. Not sure how to permanently fix this.

    2. I tried to set up Blackberry Service account using my PIN and IMEI and got this error message: “Cannot create account until I am registered with my wireless service provider.” Again, after researching here and there, I get to the point where the Host Routing Table should be registered properly. After looking on my settings, the HRT is still populated with Verizon instead of Cricket. Since then I have been looking for a way on how to update this HRT.

    Sorry for the long email .. I am hoping somebody can help me with this issue.

  • kayla

    i jus recently got a verizon bb 9630 unlocked to att..everything works fine just the browser icon doesnt show! pleaseeeee help!!!

  • simba

    i have the 8900 unlocked from att but im with fido in canada.. how can i fix my phone.. i really cant send mms msgs now.

  • Nolin2

    Just got a T-Mobile unlocked Blackberry curve 8900 to use with AT&T. How do i set it up completely to work with AT&T??

  • Mr Awesome

    i have a tmobile 8320 bb unlocked for at&t but when i put the sims card in it displays off where the bars should be. what do i need to do?

  • Hppymom25

    I have a Blackberry Tour 9630 from Verizon unlocked and I can not receive MMS or browse the internet. AT&T states they cannot help me I have looked at some of your other comments and done as you have said still with no luck is this correct for my phone “APN: wap.cingular Username:WAP@CINGULARGPS.COM Password: CINGULAR1″? so stressful!


  • Mossmichellemoss

    Hey, my mom’s friend gave her her old blackberry curve 8310 and asked me to set it up for her and it’s not going well. It won’t copy over her contacts from the SIM card even though I’ve pushed for it to do it multiple times now and I’ve never used one so I have no idea what to do or how to wipe out the old data without hurting it. Please help!!

  • Ernietocci

    i have a blackberry 8100 that was tmobile and was unlocked. i want to go back to using tmobile with it . it reads my card but when i try to make a call or recieve a call it comes up as call failed and i go to the network and it says at&t even though my tmobile caed is in it

  • Shasta737

    i just got an unlocked verizon blackberry storm 9500 to use on t-mobile. it says up at the top activation required and it wont let me call out it acts like its dialing but i can’t hear anything. i don’t know much about this stuff. please someone help me!!!!!

  • bbstorm

    i have a BB storm 9530 its fully flashed to cricket.. how can i change the APN? Or what would i have to change it to?

  • Patrick

    hi joe,
    i just got a blackberry 9530, unlocked from verizon, im trying to use prepaid simcard and it doesnt you have idea how to use or how to setup. thank you jane..

  • Wilson Kj Wilson

    Hi, we have just bought a BB 8900 which was o2 but is unlocked. However, cannot set up email, bbm or the time so far as all network determined? Have a tesco sim card

  • Safloudgirl

    how can i download blackberry apps so i can use my £10 monthly tesco sim tesco do not have £10 monthly sim on blackberry yet they told me to down load bb apps

  • Jessy

    I have blackberry 8300 that’s a verizon phone but I have it flashed over to cricket and now I cant figure out how to set up my email on it…can you help?

  • Rbabygirlm

    i have a sprint blackberry and wanted to use it for a t-mobile how do i configure it?

  • Gerripotts

    i bought blackberry curve 8330 cricket how do I unlocked with my att account

  • Atsoup

    Hey Joe,

    I have a unlocked BB Tour 9630 for use with T-mobile. Everything works fine except I can’t get on the internet. How do I configure the phone to get access?

    Thanks for your help!


  • Mikey-97

    i av managed to unlock my blackberry 8320 but it wont let me make or recieve calls or texts but is showing i av a full signal,

  • Alliekomessar

    I have an unlocked Cbeyond/Sprint Blackberry Tour 9630 I can not receive MMS or browse the internet. AT&T states they cannot help me I have looked at some of your other comments and done as you have said still with no luck. Settings @ “APN: wap.cingular Username:WAP@CINGULARGPS.COM Password: CINGULAR1″ and uploaded latest OS version. I just can’t make it work :(

    Help! Signed,
    Sad Face

  • Nite6569

    I have a verizon blackberry storm 9530 that is unlocked
    I am using a t-mobile sim card in it-it seems to work ok

    Problem: I can’t call the t-mobile check balance number#999# to see how many minutes I have left on my prepaid account? why not?? Help!

  • jonathan

    hi iv just brought a bb 8900 off a friend and i wiped the handheld now its asking for a enterprise active code and wifi not working its got a line instead of a tick at side when switched it on but its saying connected to my router but will not let me on net can you help me please?