Co-CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie is a Habs fan - maybe.

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Everyone knows Jim Balsillie aka Jim Dog is a huge hockey fan. In the past, he has tried to acquire the Nashville NHL franchise and move it to Hamilton, Ontario. The bid failed but rumors were abound that Jim was looking to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins. Nothing ever came of the rumors but we know Jim loves his hockey. With the playoffs starting today, Jim is glued to his TV.

“Will I be in front of the TV? Absolutely,” said the co-CEO of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion.

But the 48-year-old Balsillie was less forthcoming about any current interest in acquiring an NHL team. He wouldn’t comment on possible ownership or if he might be in talks about a team, such as the Montreal Canadiens.

He even declined to divulge his favourite club, saying “I get into trouble every time. I can’t go there.” But he has been reported to follow the Habs.

Vive les Canadiens de Montreal!


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    Co-CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie is a Habs fan - maybe.
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