Schedule meetings effectively and accelerate your calendar with Tungle


Are you in sales? This app might be just right for you. Over the past year, Tungle hasn’t gotten much media exposure but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. The company has closed a $5 million round of funding, and also signed a key partnership with IBM to support Lotus Notes.

Tungle allows you to schedule meetings much more effectively. It does this by working with your calendar system to provide you with calendar functionality that you previously did not have. With Tungle, you are able to:

  • Prevent double-bookings with a system that automatically updates pending invitations.
  • Select unlimited time slots to propose in meeting invitations.
  • Share across environments (across calendars and companies).
  • Allow others to view your availability and schedule with you without having to sign up.

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The company has big news coming April 21st so stay tuned.