Free hotel reservation app available on BlackBerry App World


2009-04-hrs-bb-app-4jpg, a European online hotel reservation portal, have announced the launch of a free application for BlackBerry that makes the hotel booking process easier than ever before. Business travellers will be able to search for and book rooms at over 230,000 hotels worldwide using the application on their BlackBerry. The application is now available for download on BlackBerry App World.

The application provides business travellers with a simple way to find and book a suitable hotel whilst travelling, without the need to enter large amounts of information. Thanks to the GPS capabilities of BlackBerry smartphones (many models have GPS built-in), accommodations can be booked based on a user’s current location or the application’s Organizer function. When searching and booking hotels via the Organizer, users can also choose whether to use the address of one of the contacts in their address book or the venue of an appointment noted in their calendar. The booking confirmation can then be sent by either e-mail or SMS.

Alternatively, business travellers can use the GPS function to pull up a list of available accommodations on arrival at any new destination worldwide. Once the booking has been made, traveller’s can transfer the hotel information directly into their calendar or address book or display it on a Google map.

Check it out in App World and let me know what you think.

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    RT @BlackBerryCool: Free hotel reservation app available on BlackBerry App World

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    This is indeed a super idea and this is what hotel managers all over the world should look for: integrating web 2.0 in their business.
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    It's amazing how many stuff you can do with a BlackBerry . It would have been so useful to have one on my trip in Australia. After visiting Melbourne, me and my friends really wonted to spend a couple of days in Perth, but because we had no internet, no laptop with us, waas quite hard to get to book some affordable Perth hotels. I really need to buy an BlackBerry for my future trips, especially that the app is free.

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