Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro for BlackBerry is full featured alarm system

I remember when I first give up my RAZR and monochrome two-way RIM pager for a blackberry, my first whine was “WHAT?!? I have ONE alarm?” Of course, you can always add reoccurring calendar items, but if you’re a professional who actually uses their calendar for business, this can become cluttered and annoying. Fortunately, Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro from Adorno has the solution. It has such a simple and intuitive interface, you have to wonder why the built in alarm application isn’t a little more like this.

Creating alarms is an easy process, even given the many options at your disposal.

You first option is frequecy, which to be honest, has more options than I think any one person will need:
• Fixed Date - Choose one date and time for an alarm.
• Weekly - Choose the days of the week you want the alarm on and the time on those days.
• Once - Choose a one time alarm. (This is the alarm type set by a Quick Alarm.)
• Daily – Choose a time for an alarm to go off each day.
• Hourly - Choose a minute for an alarm to go off each hour. (I’m sure this one must serve SOME sort of medical purpose, as I can think of no other reason to annoy people THAT often.)

Your next option is the sound the alarm will play. You can choose one of the three preset tones or choose Customize to browse your own media collection. You can also use the menu to choose to play a song before or after choosing it.

From this point you can set your Volume:

Set your snooze time:

And also set your auto begin snooze time (time it will wait before it stops alarming you and starts counting down your snooze timer:

You can also go back and easily edit previously created alarms in the same setup screen if you need to make changes (as I did to remove Sunday from my alarm I set up to remind me to take vitamins, after having my Family Guy sound clip of Peter selling “Butt Scratchers” went off in the middle of church.)

Back on the main screen, you can easily edit, delete, turn off (which can also be done with a click of your trackball), or even create quick alarms.

This is another one of those applications that is so useful and will get used so regularly, you will quickly forget it didn’t come already installed on your phone.

The only thing I would add to this app is the option to choose my snooze time when the alarm goes off. As we all know, some days might require an extra ten minutes of sleep while others require a good half hour!

Sample Alarm

Purchase Adorno! Multialarm Pro for the special price of $6.49 until Apr 30.

6 Responses to “Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro for BlackBerry is full featured alarm system”

  1. 1 Crackberry Dave

    This looks like it might be a little late to the party, OS 5.0 seems to provide the same function for free.

  2. 2 KD

    Is it possible to create power-on alarms with this program?

  3. 3 CollinF

    @KD: Sorry, no…

    @Crackberry Dave: “late to the party” is a funny choice of words, as there is no official release as of yet for 5.0, and the leak has had EXTREMELY mixed results (and by extremely mixed, I mean crappy.)

  4. 4 Deena

    I just purchased this ap and was required to register it when I opened it and did not receive a register code. Also, I don’t have the options shown above. Mine says “create new alert” then I have a choice of email, sms, calendar or missed call. None of the screens above appear as a choice. Please help.

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