Amazon app arrives in BlackBerry App World

Although the announcement is out that Amazon has arrived in App World, it isn’t actually there. I suspect that Amazon released the news a little prematurely without getting confirmation that there app is ready for download.

Amazon’s BlackBerry includes the incredible “Amazon Remembers” feature. This feature allows you to snap a photo of a product, the photo then gets uploaded to Amazon and then a few seconds later it spews out a listing for that product. Other features include:

* Purchase using Amazon’s 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime
* Track packages or modify orders using the Your Account feature
* Receive personalized recommendations
* View editorial and customer reviews
* Get the Gold Box Deal of the Day
* Access to their Wish List

Navigate your BlackBerry browser to


Head over to the Amazon homepage to download the BlackBerry app.

8 Responses to “Amazon app arrives in BlackBerry App World”

  1. 1 Gl0ba1citizen

    The amazon app currently available on the site doesn’t work on the BlackBerry Storm for now! I wonder if the app world version is newer and whether it will support the BB Storm?

  2. 2 NerdBomb

    Wow, Once again no love for the storm. Shaft after Shaft after Shaft.

  3. 3 Coffy

    No storm support interesting

  4. 4 Berribrand

    How can Amazon release this with no Storm version? Yes, let’s NOT support the newest model Blackberry…

  5. 5 addictedtoBB

    Yet another app that I don’t have enough memory for. How many apps can one actually install on their phone? I think I have four and some quick launches and if I try to add another, my 8830 will crash for the final time. How is this app store any good to BB users if we can’t use any of them?

  6. 6 Nick

    I have been hearing about this and that it actually works pretty nice. I dont do alot of shopping on amazon, but for product search this would be great. Will be most likely trying it out soon, hope its not a mem hog/waster.

  7. 7 raylogic

    Gotta say great app, works really well on my curve 8320.
    .. Only problem, I’m in the uk and it only works on!!

    Ps Addictedtobb u got probs! I got these apps on my 8820 and it runs smoothly:-,poddtrapper,reqall,twitterberry,radio companion,smrtguard,yahoogo,biblereader,quicklaunch,bbfilescout,softreset,maxmem,viigo,opera mini + all standard apps. Oh and I also have it tethered (using as a modem) to my dell laptop.

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