BlackBerry App World client is live ready for download

As promised, App World is live today and ready for download. Get the latest BlackBerry sofware for your device!

Go to

OR from your PC and download to App World client.

This is a big day for RIM as we can expect to see a surge of development, revenue and device adoption. Congratulations!

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4 Responses to “BlackBerry App World client is live ready for download”

  1. 1 Alex

    Yay another app that does not work on older Blackberrys. Thanks RIM for leaving out my 8703e!

  2. 2 ayo_ari

    i just bought the 8900 and i am super excited to start downloading apps. thanks RIM. to alex, this should encourage you to purchase a newer bb. expensive yes, but you can always find a used one some it’s so worth it.

  3. 3 Sean Spediacci

    So where is that ticketmaster app?

  4. 4 Mike

    Ticketmaster app is not in the application. What gives?

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