Effectively manage your files on your BlackBerry

File Manager Pro

Before you say, “Hey, didn’t he already review a file manager?” I will correct you that this is the first time I am reviewing a GOOD file manager. While I might have been a little harsh in my review of Bilby File, it was because I knew there had to be something better… And I found that better something with File Manager Pro by Terra Mobility.

One of the first things I appreciated was the quick “tutorial” the application runs through the first time you open it. I really dislike opening a new application (especially one with as much depth as this one) and hitting every combination of keys trying to figure out the fastest way to complete a task, but this app has you covered from the beginning.

Now let’s hit the feature list and go over the high points:

• Support For The Storm — Provides double tap and multi-touch selections, and swiping for fast file list scrolling. No compatibility mode needed!
• All Standard File Operations — Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, New Folder and Send as Email. In addition, recursive Copy, Move and Delete operations are supported.
• Manage Your Zip Archives — Open and browse Zip archives the same as folders. Extract all of the contents or just a subset. Create new archives or add to existing ones.
• Select Multiple Files And Folders — Select a range of items, an arbitrary set, or any combination of both. Do any file operation on the selected items, including compressing them into a Zip archive.
• Search For Files And Folders — Search in a single folder or across multiple folders, even recursively. Specify whole words only or to use case sensitivity. Select search result items and perform any file operation.
• Fast Access With The Favorites List — Avoid tedious folder navigation and jump directly to frequently used files or deeply nested folders with a single click.
• Sort And View Files Your Way — Sort files by Name, Size, Type or Date, in Ascending or Descending order. Specify the display of file information, and control the viewing of hidden files.
• Launch Files In Documents to Go — Click on a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file and have it opened in Docs-to-Go. Click on media files — audio, video or image — and have it launched in your media application. (requires OS 4.5 or higher)
• Modify File Attributes — View properties on files and folders, and assign the Read-Only and Hidden attributes.
• Integrated Text Viewer — Built-in text file viewer that includes a Find feature for text searches.
• Unsurpassed Performance — Open and browse folders containing 1000’s of files with virtually no performance penalty.
The first thing we’ll take a look at is the options, most of which pretty much just cover how items are displayed. As you can see below, you can also choose your level of compression when creating zip files.

When you first open the application you’re presented with a main list of folders, which include Media Card, Device Memory, and System. You are also shown any folders you have added to your favorites, making it much easier than digging through your media card to browse to your most frequently used folders.

Once in a folder you have the ability to quickly select multiple files, and easily manage your selection. You can hold your shift key and scroll over multiple files, or hold shift and click individual file to add them to your selection.

The menu button quickly gives you access to all the features you would expect to find in a great file manager app… And one you wouldn’t! The compression feature is a great way to squeeze those items you couldn’t normally fit into an email on your blackberry. Another neat feature not listed in the features, is that File Manager Pro becomes the devices default application for zip files, making opening and managing them from anywhere a breeze.

The last few capabilities File Manager Pro brings to the table are the ability to edit file properties such as read-only and hidden statuses, and it even boasts a text reader! The search function is fast, and it handles large folders (standard and zip alike) with zero lag.

This is a well-rounded, lightning fast, can’t-live-without application, and the only thing I think I would add is the ability to view thumbnails when in a pictures folder… other than that it’s perfect!

Purchase File Manager Pro for a Special Price of $8.95 until May 1

3 Responses to “Effectively manage your files on your BlackBerry”

  1. 1 ed

    Pretty good price but bbfilescout let’s you name your own price and seems to match most features

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Effectively manage your files on your BlackBerry http://bit.ly/3KOSF

  3. 3 steve

    This is a great app for Storm-their support is very well done (nice on other BBs too.) Quick scrolling using swipe through long file lists, and the multi-touch and double tap support make selecting files very easy.
    You can tell that there has been a lot of attention to detail. The UI is well designed and consistent with standards on the BB. It has many of the small details that take longer to develop but really makes the user experience much better. This is quality software-well tested and very robust.

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