Free GPS app trials avaiable on App World from Trimble Outdoors

With the launch of BlackBerry App World, BlackBerry users can download a free trial of three great GPS apps from Trimble Outdoors:

AllSport GPS makes it easy to keep track of your fitness regimen. A virtual personal trainer, AllSport GPS tracks your performance on runs, hikes and bike rides, and uploads it to a personal training log online (check it out in the Health & Wellness category)

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt you can do anywhere. Geocache Navigator is the first application to bring geocaching to mobile phones, making it easy and to find hidden treasures no matter where you are, without any advance planning or additional equipment (see it in the Maps & Navigation category)

The Trimble Outdoors application is ideal for planning hikes and camping trips. Complete with maps and GPS navigation, it makes sure there’s one less thing to pack for a trip (try it from the Maps & Navigation category).

4 Responses to “Free GPS app trials avaiable on App World from Trimble Outdoors”

  1. 1 psycada

    Boo for Trimble. These people want nothing more than to make a lot of money from the only past time left that everyone can enjoy regardless of income, ie, enjoying nature and the outdoors. This fact is evident from there horrible monthly/yearly pricing scheme.
    At least one of these apps has a very good open source alternative. some awesome people created Blackstar, a free and open source Geocaching program for blackberries.

    I have been using it now for a couple of weeks and absolutely love it. I am now able to Geocache completely paperless AND COMPUTERLESS from beginning to end, all from my Blackberry Bold. All I have to pay is my $3 monthly subscription to groundspeek so I can utilize Pocket Queries. Yay for open source freeware….boo for over priced, inadequate subscription-ware….

    Links for forum post and official website

  2. 2 tomtominc (TomTom Mobility)

    Free GPS app trials avaiable on App World from Trimble Outdoors …

  3. 3 Damian Vines

    None of these apps are showing up in the Maps and Navigation section on my App World. I show 5 apps in this category and none are these.

  4. 4 Ajwyiaak

    TuV9cC comment6 ,

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