Fun BlackBerry Storm app BerryWhip 50 free giveaways!

BerryWhip is an app for the BlackBerry Storm that was launched last week. The app is pretty fun and simulates a whip using the accelerometer. The movements are easy - just your basic whipping motion.

Right now we’ve offering the first 50 readers a chance to get the app for free. All you have to do is use the promo code bbcoolwhip to download the app for free.

NOTE: This app does not work on OS

Hurry up and get your free copy now! There are only 50 so the codes will stop working shortly.

Download your free (normally $2.99) copy of BerryWhip for the BlackBerry Storm.

8 Responses to “Fun BlackBerry Storm app BerryWhip 50 free giveaways!”

  1. 1 Fabian

    Giveaway is over - all codes taken.

  2. 2 Xandrex

    “this promotion code is not valid” sob. I guess 50 people were faster than me.

  3. 3 Nick

    Got beat to it. Shoot. One day I didnt get here early lol. Cool contest, thanks for the free app.

  4. 4 Andrew

    Got it!

  5. 5 ElCortezHotelLV

    I don’t think this is a good idea, is like using a wiimote without the security belt.

  6. 6 M Vo Tam

    so cool
    use it now…………..

  7. 7 jeremy

    When will it work for the Cuz I really want this app bad. I’d donate for it too

  1. 1 20 FREE copies of BerryWhip - Page 2 - BlackBerry Forums at

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